Friday, April 19, 2013

Apple Farm

Crafting has taken a back seat to collecting new memories, on a mini trip to Santa Barbara.

As I was packing, I reached into the armoire and pulled out a photo album. It was the right one, the one I was looking for, 1992. I don't remember anything about what kind of camera I might have even using, but it was probably a film camera. There are not a lot of pictures, but there are a few, and a few are enough, at least they will have to be enough.

 It was the year Ms AC was 4 years old, and I gave mom and dad a ticket to come to California. I think they came for 2 weeks, and we spent at least one of those weeks traveling to southern California.

The first stop was San Luis Obispo, and we stayed at the Apple Farm. Twenty one years later the Apple Farm looks a little faded and worn, and the food is a bit heavy by California standards, but still has some charm.

Apple Farm 3 photo P4190003_zps68b77f0d.jpg

Apple Farm 1 photo P4190002_zpscaf86430.jpg

Apple Farm 2 photo P4190001_zpsd016835d.jpg

Apple Farm 5 photo P4190005_zps267ce829.jpg

Apple Farm 4 photo P4190004_zps06cf1f0b.jpg

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