Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week 17

In which we finished up our trip in Santa Barbara and came back via Morro Bay and Hearst Castle, but unfortunately came back with colds. Summer is in full swing, and we had a nice Saturday visit from Ms AC.  The gnome was spotted in Haight-Ashbury.

 Week 17 photo Week-17-1_zps940499cb.jpg

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Week 16

In which the week started off normally, with nice weather, golf and walks, then proceeded into our long weekend in Santa Barbara, starting with a stop in Avila Beach and a visit to the Santa Barbara mission.
Week 16 photo Week-16-1_zpsd0c34b81.jpg

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Big Sur

Even though we were both feeling sick, we decided to take the long drive up the coast, stopping at Hearst Castle and seeing the Bug Sur coast.

It was all it promises to be.  I do hope I have some time to scrap some pictures soon.  For now, at least I can capture what I saw, hoping it will fuel the creative spirit when this cold goes away.

Big Sur 1 photo SantaBarbaraApril2013334_zpse5503a9f.jpg

Big Sur 2 photo SantaBarbaraApril2013338_zpsd7833f58.jpg

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hearst Castle Revisited

I think this was my third visit to Hearst Castle.  I know it was at least the second, for I have pictures of the time we went in 1992.  This was Ms AC and dad by the fountains in front of the castle, both looking rather grumpy.

Hearst Castle 1992 photo Pic025_zps63d66ef5.jpg
Unfortunately, in the hurry to get on the tour, I forgot to bring my pictures so I could do another "Dear Photograph", but clearly here is that same fountain twenty-one years later.
Hearst Castle photo SantaBarbaraApril2013232_zps8edc6fca.jpg
And more views of the house...
Hearst Castle 1 photo SantaBarbaraApril2013233_zpsfaa3553c.jpg

Hearst Castle 2 photo SantaBarbaraApril2013260_zpsd5b00db7.jpg
And the pool...
Hearst Castle 3 photo SantaBarbaraApril2013281_zps63334a8b.jpg

Hearst Castle Pool photo SantaBarbaraApril2013276_zps77a9ad4d.jpg
And the beautiful gardens, which were at their peak.
Hearst Castle 4 photo SantaBarbaraApril2013282_zps04cce6b7.jpg

Hearst Castle 5 photo SantaBarbaraApril2013285_zps97683be7.jpg

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Sandpiper

Day 1 of our golf outing was at a nice course, but it was dry and fairway-less, which of course makes me angry.

Day 2 was at the Sandpiper Golf Club on the coast in Santa Barbara.  It started out foggy and cold.

Sandpiper 1 photo P4220183_zps587824aa.jpg

But then it cleared!  And it was beautiful! Sandpiper 2 photo P4220191_zps0f6de042.jpg

Sandpiper 3 photo P4220188_zpscb7fc38d.jpg

Sandpiper 4 photo P4220187_zps9a6da8a2.jpg

Sandpiper 5 photo P4220186_zpsa9c33cb4.jpg

Sandpiper 6 photo P4220185_zps130d11b9.jpg

Sandpiper 7 photo P4220184_zpsee7e3ae3.jpg Bad golf is so much more enjoyable when there is a distracting view!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Dear Photograph" at Mission Santa Barbara

I don't seem to have pictures from the 1990 trip, or maybe I need to look harder for them. I do have a couple of pictures from the 1992 trip, of mom, dad and Ms AC in front of the mission.

There is a phenomenon called 'Dear Photograph' in which one takes a picture of a photograph in its original setting.  Well, this is my 'Dear Photograph'.

Dear Photo Santa Barbara photo IMG_3552_zpsc6b453d1.jpg
Dear Photograph, Dad complained a lot on that trip, as he was wont to do, because it was hot, it was too much time in the car, it was especially hot in Santa Barbara where the Santa Ana's were blowing fiercely like standing in front of a hot oven, but Mom told me it was the best trip of their lives.  Twenty one years later, I wish I had tried harder to give him more memories, take him more places, show him more things.  Because I believe he did truly love that trip, was fascinated by the things he saw, and did have a good time.  The night before he died, I dreamt that I was trying to get him to Italy.  He would have loved Italy.  Well Dad, I am traveling for you now.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens

It was an even earlier trip, probably 1990, with a 2-year old Ms AC. I am not sure where we went before or after, probably to Disneyland, but I know we spent several days in Santa Barbara, in this great hotel property at the south end of town, where the train passed right through the property. The hotel is no longer open.
One day I packed us up for a trip to the botanic gardens, which involved driving up a windy road, which seemed pretty long at the time, getting out the stroller and proceeding to our hike through the gardens. Only no sooner did we set foot on the path, than we were met by a welcoming committee consisting of a native California rattle snake. I waited a bit, thinking he would scoot off, but he didn't. So I had no choice but to turn around, fold up the stroller, get back into the car and go back down the hill.
But unlike the unlucky hotel, the Santa Barbara botanic gardens is still alive and well. We spent a delightful morning exploring the grounds of this well laid out and maintained property in the hills, full of native plants and history.
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 1 photo P4200068_zps2e358c2b.jpg

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 2 photo P4200087_zpse7e451e7.jpg

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 3 photo P4200098_zps052e6407.jpg

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 4 photo P4200108_zps23603b81.jpg

Friday, April 19, 2013

Apple Farm

Crafting has taken a back seat to collecting new memories, on a mini trip to Santa Barbara.

As I was packing, I reached into the armoire and pulled out a photo album. It was the right one, the one I was looking for, 1992. I don't remember anything about what kind of camera I might have even using, but it was probably a film camera. There are not a lot of pictures, but there are a few, and a few are enough, at least they will have to be enough.

 It was the year Ms AC was 4 years old, and I gave mom and dad a ticket to come to California. I think they came for 2 weeks, and we spent at least one of those weeks traveling to southern California.

The first stop was San Luis Obispo, and we stayed at the Apple Farm. Twenty one years later the Apple Farm looks a little faded and worn, and the food is a bit heavy by California standards, but still has some charm.

Apple Farm 3 photo P4190003_zps68b77f0d.jpg

Apple Farm 1 photo P4190002_zpscaf86430.jpg

Apple Farm 2 photo P4190001_zpsd016835d.jpg

Apple Farm 5 photo P4190005_zps267ce829.jpg

Apple Farm 4 photo P4190004_zps06cf1f0b.jpg

Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 15

In which I spent the day with Ms AC in San Francisco, things are blooming like crazy, and I played with glittery nail polish from Sephora.
  Week 15 photo Week-15-1_zpsf3b18ad5.jpg

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Crafty Picture Hanging

The Eiffel Tower bathroom needs some pictures on the walls, among other things.  I am always scouring the local Savers thrift store for good picture frames, and almost always can find something for just a few dollars.

Yesterday I bought three frames, and I am working on an arrangement.  I have one print that I bought, another frame filled with Eiffel Tower fabric, and for the third, I decided to create my own print.

This picture of the Grand Palais is quintessentially Parisian.  I decided to go with a sepia to match the color scheme of the room, but I do like the color version as well.

Will be back with the completed arrangement, as soon as the arrangement is completed.

Grand Palais Sepia photo GrandPalais_zps4d157a96.jpg

Grand Palais photo Grand-Palais_zpsf01561e2.jpg

Friday, April 12, 2013

You Hold the Keys, Part 2

While the first page of locks and keys took a little while, this second one went together in a flash.  Both pages were created with templates from Jen Maddocks You Hold the Keys collection, available at Oscraps and Scrapflower.
For this page, I turned one of the templates to 90 degrees, duplicated one of the key masks about 8 times to get a full width spread, and used only three different photos, just duplicated them.  I really love a page like this, with am image blended but then repeated so the picture can be seen clearly.  I love remembering the incredible beauty of the Cinque Terre, and feel so blessed to have been there.  Next time, I must remember to bring a lock.  But I won't be throwing away the key.  I will save it in my box of keys!

Cinque Terre Locks 2 photo Cinque-Terre-Locks-2_zpsfaa15cfc.jpg

Thursday, April 11, 2013

You Hold the Keys, Part 1

Fabulous new kit from Jen Maddocks Designs, all about locks and keys, which for me are fascinating images.  Its another of those things which I can't really explain, why locks and keys are so interesting.  I even bought a whole box of keys once on eBay.  I think I used one or two of them to make some altered tags.  Which means I still have that box of keys.
I seem to remember my dad having a whole bucket of keys.  Not just a little pail, but one of those 5 gallon industrial buckets.  There may have been more than one bucket.  He loved metal junk, well, he loved junk of all varieties.  I think someone brought over these buckets of keys to see of he wanted them.  I don't remember many details.  This was in Newark, so I would have been about 5 years old.  I recall lots of those delicious skeleton keys.  I wish I remembered more.  I would enjoy having a bucket of keys now.
Anyway, fast forward many years, and I am not the only one fascinated with this imagery.  For one, Jen is obviously a fan.  As are lovers all over the world, who proclaim their infinite love by securing a lock and throwing away the key.  This set of locks was hanging on an overhead fence on the Cinque Terre, just before the path ended in Riomaggiore.  In the background is the view from this spot, looking out to sea.

Cinque Terre Locks photo Cinque-Terre-Locks_zps68f16e9d.jpg

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do You Know the Way... San Jose...
This reminds me, I heard that Dionne Warwick is having financial difficulties.  I guess being a star a long time ago does not guarantee a comfortable life.

That song will certainly be famous forever, and is the first thing I thought of when I saw this wonderful map collection from a new designer who will debut at Oscraps on Monday.

But I am jumping the gun and showing this page I made.  Before you know it, poppy season will be over and the dry summer will be upon us.  Right now there are still plenty of poppies dotting the hills with their bundles of orange.  The two photos on the right were taken last month, but the one on the left was from the hillside of Country Club just last week.  I liked the way the poppies were clustered near the tree trunk.
I'm not sure what it is about map graphics that I find so appealing.  Just love old maps and alphas made from maps.  I guess perhaps it says 'travel', a favorite subject of mine.
I can remember always being fascinated with the reproduction maps and documents they would sell at historical sites.  I remember Ms AC being likewise fascinated. Perhaps it is a sense of history.

Poppies SJ photo California-Poppies_zpsd0eba0f0.jpg

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

'Nice' & 'Eze'

I am still working on the 2007 trip to France, even though Paris is done and printed, there are still many places and many pictures to scrap.

The French Riviera was a spectacular place.  It would be easy to spend time in Nice, with it's beautiful harbor area, long stretch of sandy beach and promenade, harbor-front hotels, and beautiful old town.  When we were there they were tearing up the streets to put in a tram of some sort, so the downtown was a construction nightmare, but down by the water, it was lovely.

I made this page for the 'Paint Your Story' challenge by Studio 68 at Oscraps.  This was taken on a boat trip, LA PROMENADE CÔTIÈRE.  I was able to find a little map of exactly what this little 'une heure' tour entailed.
It was a beautiful day for a boat trip, the scenery was magnificent, the company precious. 
And that's the story, embellished with lots of brushes and stamps to hopefully give the feel of lightness, airiness, happiness.
Nice 2 photo Nice-2_zps0aa7bff9.jpg
If Nice was beautiful, Eze (pronounced as if rhyming with pez, not easy, but hey, I like a play on words) was spectacular. More of a fantasyland than a place to live, this village perched on the top of a hill was truly a dreamland of blue sky, gorgeous views, old stone and blooming flowers.
A highlight, if one could find a highlight in a place that is all highlights, was the beautiful sculpture garden with its many stone statues of goddesses, each with a name and a message.
I am so glad I captured all of this in a detailed journal, even written en français.
Eze April Lyric photo Eze-April-Lyric_zps73e5dd0d.jpg

Monday, April 8, 2013

March Floral Inchies

The April 'Express Your Creativity' challenge by Maya de Groot is to use this inchies template for a page.

 Maya de Groot Inchies Template photo MdGroot_EYCC_Squares600_zps52e14d91.jpg 

 Inchies are exactly what they sound like, 1 inch photos. Ordinarily it would be hard for me to use 1 inch photos, but by combining so many, the overall effect gives me a big picture I like.  I used flower photos that were all taken in March and arranged them in a rainbow effect.  The hyacinth was at Nina's, the white trees on Arezzo, the green was the Toulon hill, yellow includes a forsythia at the garden center, daffodils and tulips from somewhere in the neighborhood, and mustard weed from down the hill.  The orange had to be poppies, and I filled in these squares with orange paper, which gave me some room to write a few words.  The reddish orange are the ranunculas from Arezzo and some fresh new rose leaves, and for the red, some tulips and Ms AC's red birthday roses.

The caption came from finding the 'flowers' and heart signs in one of Maya's kits.  Combined with her stamped alpha, the message is simple...Must Love Flowers.

March Floral Inchies photo March-Floral-Inchies_zps34cd4be7.jpg

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 14

In which we celebrated Easter with a delicious lunch, I wore pink tape on my hand to keep my knuckle from hurting so much, and painted my nails to match, the cheery blossom trees on Arezzo Way started to bloom (I've been worried about them since the sidewalk was repaired, which I am afraid might have damaged their roots), the jasmine is blooming on the back fence, we had a lovely Friday night dinner at the club on the back patio, away from the noise of the Friday night noisy boys in the bar, and my beloved car got a cleaning and waxing.

 Week 14 photo Week-14-1_zps5bcbf792.jpg

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Poppies II

More poppies from my trip up the Toulon hill last week.  I love these sunny bright and delicate flowers that paint the hillsides with swatches of orange at this time of year.  So California!

Everything from Jen Maddocks Artisan papers III, Artisan Clusters, Scribble Me Orange and Very Berry, available at Scrapflower.

Poppies 2 photo Poppies-2_zpsebbf15d5.jpg

Friday, April 5, 2013

There is a Typo in Typography

It happens in nearly every book I put together, the dreaded typos, like "Tuplips" in Amsterdam.  And yes, I do mistype my name.  I've started leaving it that way, it keeps people guessing.

I do use the spell checker, but sometimes it misses a correctly spelled word in the wrong context, or since there are so many words it doesn't know, I end up hitting ignore.  And sometimes I just forget to run it.  And so this has become my imperfection, the subject of the April Theme challenge at Oscraps.

This page was a lot of work to put together, gathering so many alphas (from Jen Maddocks, Maya de Groot, Anna Aspnes, Danielle Young), one letter at a time, and it is rare for me to not use any photos on a page, but I am very happy with the end result.  I find the title incredibly clever, and yes I did think that up all by myself, love the stacked papers, the typewriter image (from Jen Maddocks Designs Parchment), and the various text and edge blendings.

Typo April Theme photo Typo-April-Theme_zpsb39e8db3.jpg 
Full list of credits may be found here.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Challenges - Color & Urban Grunge

For the April color challenge at Oscraps, the challenge was to do a scraplift using the color scheme in this card, basically dark red, yellow and blue.  I honestly wasn't crazy about it, but I can work with it.  I believe I can work with any color scheme, that's the point of it being a challenge.

April Color photo AprilColorLift_zps03df397e.jpg

I chose to life this page or urban messiness which I really admire, loving signs and typography the way I do, and it had the start of the right colors in it.  It features the Urban Kit by Jen Maddocks Designs.

Problem was, I needed an urban picture. A few weeks ago, I discovered Instake, an app that lets you save other peoples Instagram photos.  There have been several times that I really wanted to save something and had to resort to a screen shot.  Not bad, but not the resolution I wanted, and then I would have to cut out part of the screen.  But Instake lets you access the pictures in your feed, at least the last 20 or so, and save them to your camera roll.

The sunrise picture was taken by That Sam I am, a beautiful shot of the San Francisco skyline taken from the Presidio where he and Ms AC work out some mornings.  I would love to see this in the morning.  Of course I am grateful for the view I do have.

 Urban Color April photo Urban-April-Color_zps30cd225c.jpg 
Credits: Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Chevron CrazyLife, ArtPlay Crazy Life, ArtPlay Globe Trotter, ArtPlay Palette Adventure and WarmGlows. JenMaddocksDesigns_Art journal Orange Scribble, Urban Grunge 3, Urban_Scribbles. fonts - the Maple Origins, Tiza, VT Portable Remington

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Challenges - Freebie

Oscraps April challenge #5 is to create a page entirely from freebies, especially using the Oscraps Seven collab in a non-birthday page.

I love this mask I created for the collab with it's ourside border of clock faces and used it to mask the photo of the mustard weed field at the bottom of the hill, blended again into the background.  A few swirlies and I was done.

I found this great little factoid about the wild mustard.  Wild Mustard is thought to have been introduced to California by the Franciscan Padres who scattered the seeds along the Camino Real to make the road easier to find. 
Blooming from January to May, it marks the passage of California Spring. 
Picture taken on Silver Creek Valley Road at Fontonosa, March 20, 2013.

Wild Mustard April Free photo Mustard-April-Free_zpsdecdee3a.jpg

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Challenges - Multi-Designer

My multi-designer challenge at Oscraps this month:

It's time once again for our Multi-Designer challenge.
Rather than a large quantity of designers, we are going to scrap a recipe of design elements from different designers.

The minimum number of designers is FOUR. But that's not all. This month I decided to do what everyone is doing these days, I searched Pinterest for inspiration.

Several interesting groups of pins came up in searches for 'multi-designer'. The most prevalent were for fingernail designs. Yup, these are all the rage and quite a trend, and I have to admit to being intrigued by this trend.

Then I found four more images of things I love...a quilt, a beautiful kitchen, National Park posters and a monogram. For each of these images, I pulled out the four primary design elements.

 1) design elements - pink & green, dots, lines, squiggles/texture
Multi-Designer Nails photo MultiDesignNails_zps7bf4bd83.jpg

2) design elements - primary colors, triangles, rectangles, wide border (also some black & white patterning)
 Multi-Designer Quilt photo MultiDesignQuilt_zps83589196.jpg

3) Design elements - color + white, checks, circles, hanging elements (also x shapes, metal) 
Multi-Designer Kitchen photo MultiDesignerKitchen_zps47364af0.jpg

4) earth tones, blocked design, journaling cards, nature (also wood tones, rounded corners, framing) 
Multi-Designer Posters photo MultiDesignerPosters_zps5d0cc1d0.jpg

5) purple + green, monogram/horizontal text, lace, flowers/bows
 Multi-Designer Monogram photo MultiDesignMonogram_zps513cc8fb.jpg

 Now for your challenge... Pick one of these images, and using either the design elements I have identified or others that you see in the image, scrap a page using a minimum of FOUR DIFFERENT OSCRAPS DESIGNERS.

 Here are some inspiration pages... For my page using inspiration picture #5, I used my favorite picture of Paris, with purple and green papers from Jen Maddocks Regarding Trees and Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Strawberry Preserve, bow and lace from Maya de Groot, rose from Jopke Designs, and overlay from Joanne Brisbois. Font is Jellyka Delicious Cake.

Paris MultiD April photo Paris-MultiD-April_zps915cae11.jpg

Another page using inspiration picture #2, I used Jen Maddocks Quilt Templates 6, primary-colored paper from Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Metro Grafitti, a wide border accented with Joanne Brisbois 12x12 Overlays, and black stamping from Lydia Designs. 
Gnomenclature April photo GnomeenclatureApril_zps4b41e464.jpg

New Cheery-O Alegna chose to boldly work with the green-checked inspiration page: 

Another new Cheery-O, Cynthia, worked with the blocked design, in soft and pretty colors: 

Like me, faerywings chose the green and purple monogram as inspiration and created this adorable page:

Here is a beautiful blocked design from Timounette:

The same inspiration was behind this different and wonderful page from Nana: 

And one more from new Cheery-O Dumpty: 

  1. Scrap a page using one of the multi-designer inspiration pages as inspiration, using at least 4 different Oscraps designers. You can use products from the Oscraps collabs as long as you credit the individual designers. 
  2. You must use 80% OSCRAPS products. 
  3. Your page must be placed in the Number 6 Challenge Gallery by midnight PST Tuesday 30th of April 2013 and linked back to this thread 

Remember to update your post in the monthly Tracking Thread to receive your credit for this challenge.