Sunday, March 10, 2013

Seven Simple Wishes

The first daily challenge of the Oscraps 7th Birthday Party is to scrap "7 Things That Make Me _______"
I am a little scrapping challenged being on the road. Yesterday I re-downloaded the birthday collab onto my laptop, which was a super pain because the Extract All program which I use at time does not work with Windows 8. And the other day my portable mouse died once again. But we made a quick trip over to Staples and I bought an adorable new red mouse and now I am cooking with gas once again. For pictures, the other day I turned on iCloud picture sharing on this computer, and it is working! Even the pics I am taking and uploading to the iPad are showing on my cloud.
So I grabbed 7 of my recent photos, used the template and everything else from the Birthday collab, and wrote about 7 wishes, wishes which have come true!
7 Wishes photo 7-Things_zps4a412a3b.jpg

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