Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Regarding Trees 1

Part of what makes the trees so beautiful here is the sky.  Without the incredibly blue sky for contrast, I am not sure the trees would show as spectacularly as they do.  But no matter, for we do have the bluest sky anywhere in the world.

And thus when one is "regarding trees", one is also regarding the sky.

That's what I did last Tuesday the 12th, after returning from New Jersey.  I cannot express how delightful it was to return to warmth and color, after the cold, colorless landscape of the east.

I hardly got 100 yards out the front door before I was stopped by these magnificent 'stink trees'.  I am not sure what they are, pear maybe, but they stink like garbage.  Still, they are beautiful!
"it was Tuesday, March 12.  On Monday I flew back home from Philadelphia, where I had had to shovel 6 inches of snow off the car, driveway and walk at Mom’s house, where everything was gray and bleak and hardly a stitch of anything was growing, where I witnessed Mom in her ever-growing isolation and loneliness, wondering if perhaps it bothers me more than her, but still a sadness pervades.  Then on Tuesday, I walked out of the house, it was sunny and in the 70’s, and the trees were blooming against a stunning blue sky, and a bit of my soul was healed."
Regarding Trees is the new kit os papers, elements, masks, frames and overlays from Jen Maddocks Designs (available at Scrapflower and Oscraps), perfect for documenting my soul-healing tree pictures.

Regarding Trees 2 photo Regarding-Trees-2_zpsd4a62024.jpg

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