Friday, March 29, 2013

Poppies I

Last Monday I was tired.  I've been struggling with not feeling well, and the more I struggle the more tired I am.  But I wanted to get out and get some air.  It was a slow walk, with no objective as I started out.  I decided to stay close to home, where the hills are not as steep and I could turn back quickly if necessary.  I decided to go up the Toulon Hill.  We haven't been up the hill in several weeks.  Since there hasn't  been much rain, the path was dry, and a lot was growing, especially the poppies!

"the further up the hill I rose, the more my care melted away..."

I found I was not as tired, I didn't hurt as much, the poppies had distracted my cares away.

(Credits coming soon!)
Poppies 1 photo Poppies-1_zps60d8ef05.jpg

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