Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Challenges - Color Quotes

My Oscraps challenge for March is about color quotes.  I found the best source, so easily, it was perfect.  Of course I can't remember where I found it, on a blog I think, or how, perhaps a search, but I came across so many great images to use for inspiration.

Color  Quote 1 photo Color1_zpsee740534.jpg Color  Quote 2 photo Color2_zpscfc0e51c.jpg Color  Quote 3 photo Color3_zps3409a8ba.jpg Color  Quote 4 photo Color4_zps36e45223.jpg Color  Quote 5 photo Color5_zps3d15c311.jpg Color  Quote 6 photo Color6_zps33deec26.jpg Color  Quote 7 photo Color7_zpsb5828051.jpg Color  Quote 8 photo Color8_zpsc512fc76.jpg Color  Quote 9 photo Color9_zpsda3f4e36.jpg Color  Quote 10 photo Color10_zps4b22c638.jpg

One of the most gloriously colorful things I have ever done was visit Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands. I remember the first time I tried to visit, back in the early 80s. It was too early in the season, and there had been a storm, so the gardens were closed. I remember standing outside the gates, longing to go in. But I was fortunate enough to return, in 2009, on our bike and barge tour of the Netherlansds. We biked over to Keukenhof from our barge mooring, not very far, and of course all biking is super easy in the flatlands of the Netherlands. It was all it is cranked up to be.

Keukenhof ColorQuote photo Keukenhof1-MarchQuote_zps91709ac7.jpg 
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