Monday, March 25, 2013

Curtain Call, Part 1

It only took 3 years to finish up curtains for the sewing room. I do wish I had more time to sew. 

Anyway, the long story is...the pretty red and yellow valance, at least most of it, was made for the Cupertino sewing room not long before we moved, and I hated to leave it there for those weird buyers to not enjoy, so I took it with me. It didn't really fit the window, but it was close. I just sat it on top of some existing brackets, and there it sat for nearly 3 years. 

Meanwhile, I bought this adorable pink and yellow toile on ebay. I forget how much, I think about 6 yards. So I had to figure out how to divide it among the 2 windows. That wasn't too hard, and I think stopping the curtains just below the sill is the right thing for this smallish room.I didn't even have enough fabric for the tabs, so the valance is covering tabs made with a different toile.

Then I decided to add the two little banner-like pieces to the center of the valance (amazing that I found the fabric, which was cut from the original fabric) which stretched it out to fit pretty nicely.

Sewing Room Curtains 1 photo Curtains004_zps525d462f.jpg

The last step was tie-backs.  There was not a thread of toile or red and yellow floral left, but I had a small piece of the red cherry fabric used for the lining of the valance.  

I'm not sure if I like them, but I'll let it all sit for a couple of years then decide.
Sewing Room Curtains 2 photo Curtains005_zps4c469fad.jpg

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