Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Walk in the Park, NJ Style

It started as a walk to Starbucks, my home away from home.  Then when we came out, we headed north instead of back south, and came upon this park and railroad station.

In the years I lived here and drove past this area, I never really noticed this space.   It's down from the road, which is the busy Bloomfield Ave, from which you cannot remove your eyes while driving.
Who knew there was a creek down there?
Glen Ridge Park 2 photo P3090039_zpsff2942d4.jpg
Although there was no green on the trees, there was green on the stone walls of the creek, and even some blue sky, the day after it snowed 6" here.
Glen Ridge Park 1 photo P3090048_zps4e0f85b5.jpg
There was even a bit of a waterfall tumbling over the time-worn rocks.  Unfortunately there was also a lot of litter, but, this is NJ.
Glen Ridge Park 3 photo P3090047_zps46ead8b9.jpg
I wonder if anyone ever uses this lovely little gazebo.  I bet it looks quite pretty when the grass is green.
Glen Ridge Park 4 photo P3090049_zps35ade822.jpg
A lovely old stone bridge crossed the creek with an outlet for the water from the road above.
Glen Ridge Park 5 photo P3090052_zps87b667c1.jpg

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