Tuesday, March 19, 2013

7 Days of Photos

One more Oscraps birthday challenge, to take a photo every day, then scrap them.  This is somewhat redundant with Project 365 for me, but it was a picturesque week, especially since I was in two locations.

So this set of photos is not exactly the same as my Project 365 photos, which are all processed through InstaGram.  I really love these FotoInspired Templates 2B from Anna Aspnes.  I modified one to get seven masks, and took a little grunge out of some of the masks to get a cleaner look at the photos.

I love the addition of the chevron papers in several colors to add some color and texture to the bit of background showing through.

I also love that we managed to find some beauty in NJ, which was cold, gray and bleak for the most part.  But just two days after the snow, it warmed up, most of the snow melted, and a bit of blue sky appeared.  

We found this park in Glen Ridge (shown in the lower left photo) along side the railroad station.  I'm not sure I knew the train ran there, along Bloomfield Ave, and definitely never saw this park.  Bloomfield Ave requires so much attention to drive, there is no time to glance away.  The stream was unfortunately quite littered, but still, there was beauty there.

The middle photo of the giant tree was taken in Branch Brook Park in Newark.  I look forward to returning there in April, where hopefully we will be able to catch some of the hundreds of blooming cherry blossom trees.

The upper left photo was from the Bloomfield municipal building, quite a beautiful building architecturally, and the visit went well.

The rest of the photos were happily taken after I got back home, where it was warm and beautiful and colorful.

Birthday Week 7 photo Birthday-Week-7_zps0dd83f6c.jpg

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