Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week 13

In which things continue to bloom beautifully!  Those gorgeous pink trees by the bathroom on the 7th hole are absolutely neon pink, I wish I knew what they were, the jasmine on the back fence is filling the air with the sweet scent of spring, the first of the Angel Face roses bloomed in the back yard, the wild lupines are blooming on the hill, and we colored eggs in preparation for Easter brunch.

Template is Maya de Groot's Passion for Project 365 set 4.

 Week 13 photo Week-13-1_zps0cd82705.jpg

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunshine and Ocher - Roussillon

For the March "1 Kit 5 Ways" at Oscraps, the choice was the kit My Sunshine by Danielle Young, full of beautiful yellow papers, tapes, paint splats and frames. Yellow made me think of Roussillon, and made a beautiful background for my pictures of the ocher hills of Roussillon.

 Roussillon 2 photo Rousillon-2_zps76c1133d.jpg

Friday, March 29, 2013

Poppies I

Last Monday I was tired.  I've been struggling with not feeling well, and the more I struggle the more tired I am.  But I wanted to get out and get some air.  It was a slow walk, with no objective as I started out.  I decided to stay close to home, where the hills are not as steep and I could turn back quickly if necessary.  I decided to go up the Toulon Hill.  We haven't been up the hill in several weeks.  Since there hasn't  been much rain, the path was dry, and a lot was growing, especially the poppies!

"the further up the hill I rose, the more my care melted away..."

I found I was not as tired, I didn't hurt as much, the poppies had distracted my cares away.

(Credits coming soon!)
Poppies 1 photo Poppies-1_zps60d8ef05.jpg

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crafty Easter Tags

I've had this idea for a couple of days, to create Easter tags to hang from the chandelier. These Vintage Easter Collage Sheet from Paula Kesselring were perfect for the job!

Paula Kesselring Easter Collage Sheet photo paulakesselring-_vintageeastercollagesheet_1_zps6ea4e262.jpg

Here are the finished tags, after tearing, glueing, embossing, stickling, and embellishing.
Easter Tags 1 photo EasterTags002_zpsfd12547c.jpg

Each one is tied with a string of burlap (these are the strings I removed when fringing my burlap table runners) and embellished with a doodad of some sort.
Easter Tags 4 photo EasterTags008_zps60687a57.jpg

There is ink, stickles, edge distress, etc., ala Tim Holtz.
Easter Tags 2 photo EasterTags006_zps2ad8d95e.jpg

And here they are hanging from the 8 arms of the chandelier.  Crafting accomplished!
Easter Tags 4 photo EasterTags010_zps76018282.jpg

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter 2013 Card

I love that I can send cards via Shutterfly.  I only wish they would send them out a little faster.  But it couldn't be easier to choose, personalize and have them stamped and sent, without ever leaving my chair.

I created this for mom for Easter, to try to bring some srping and cheer to what is still a rather bleak and lonely landscape.

Easter 2013 Car photo EasterCard2013_zps560db1af.jpg

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In The News

When Ms AC was here a few weeks ago for her birthday brunch, she brought me this already-yellowing newspaper in which she appeared on the cover of the Sunday edition of the Business and Personal Finance section of The Press Democrat, the local paper in Santa Rosa.

Megan Newspaper photo MeganNewspaperMarch2012_zps1cac0cce.jpg 

I thought this would make a good picture for this week's AnnaLift. The inspiration page was a beautiful composition of black and white, so fun to create with lots of brushes and transfers.  I liked grabbing the headline and caption and placing them on the page, along with some 'fitting' images and word art with just a triangular touch of red.

AnnaLift 0328 Megan News photo AnnaLift-0328-Megan-Newspaper_zpse55a602f.jpg
Credits: Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Elegance, Globe Trotter (frame), Girl Craze (frame), Metro Graffiti (button), Truth (word art), Tape measures from Forever Joy Heaven and Nature, Maya de Groot Travelers Treasure Box, bcd Handmade. Dress form from Joanne Brisbois Count the Ways

Monday, March 25, 2013

Curtain Call, Part 1

It only took 3 years to finish up curtains for the sewing room. I do wish I had more time to sew. 

Anyway, the long story is...the pretty red and yellow valance, at least most of it, was made for the Cupertino sewing room not long before we moved, and I hated to leave it there for those weird buyers to not enjoy, so I took it with me. It didn't really fit the window, but it was close. I just sat it on top of some existing brackets, and there it sat for nearly 3 years. 

Meanwhile, I bought this adorable pink and yellow toile on ebay. I forget how much, I think about 6 yards. So I had to figure out how to divide it among the 2 windows. That wasn't too hard, and I think stopping the curtains just below the sill is the right thing for this smallish room.I didn't even have enough fabric for the tabs, so the valance is covering tabs made with a different toile.

Then I decided to add the two little banner-like pieces to the center of the valance (amazing that I found the fabric, which was cut from the original fabric) which stretched it out to fit pretty nicely.

Sewing Room Curtains 1 photo Curtains004_zps525d462f.jpg

The last step was tie-backs.  There was not a thread of toile or red and yellow floral left, but I had a small piece of the red cherry fabric used for the lining of the valance.  

I'm not sure if I like them, but I'll let it all sit for a couple of years then decide.
Sewing Room Curtains 2 photo Curtains005_zps4c469fad.jpg

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 12

In which we drank too-green gin and tonics for St. Patrick's day, things are blooming in abundance including the mustard and poppies, and we did our routine Friday night wine tasting at New Leaf.

Weel 12 photo Week-12-1_zpsad54c3db.jpg

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Paris 2007 Book Ordered

With several weeks to spare before my Living Social deal to Shutterfly expires, the Paris 2007 book is done and ordered! 

I had originally intended for this to be a book of the entire 2007 trip to France, but starting with Paris, even though it was only a few days in Paris, quickly filled the 20 pages of the book. So rather than stress over selecting, uploading and arranging so many additional pictures, I decided to call it a book. 

Plus, Ms AC already made me a beautiful physical scrapbook with many of the pictures from Provence, which I can supplement with some additional scrapbook layouts I have made. All in all, I am pleased! 

Once again I chose to use Simply Kelly's Upper Case Alpha template as the feature for the front cover.   Additional papers and elements from Amy Stoffel's Madeline, Anna Aspnes Acrylic Alpha, Maya de Groot's Ooh La La.

Paris 2007 Front Cover photo Paris2007Cover_zpsf944f7e3.jpg
Paris 2007 Back Cover photo Paris2007BackCover_zps33b0d2ce.jpg

Start your own Shutterfly Photo Book today.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Regarding Trees 2

Regarding Trees...
"especially those that flower in the spring, putting forth multi-colored blossoms against a clear azure sky, they stop me in my tracks and send me running for me camera, to try to capture this moment in time, when some buds have opened, some have not yet burst forth, and others are already spent, giving a range of pale pink, lipstick pink and deep burgundy, all on one branch.
Regarding trees is what I do in the spring, and the fall, and perhaps every season in between, for they are a wonder of nature, beautiful to behold.
March 2013"
Another page with Jen Maddocks Regarding Trees papers, masks, overlays, frames and elements, available at Oscraps and Scrapflower.
Regarding Trees 1 photo Regarding-Trees-1_zpsf60600e7.jpg

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Regarding Trees 1

Part of what makes the trees so beautiful here is the sky.  Without the incredibly blue sky for contrast, I am not sure the trees would show as spectacularly as they do.  But no matter, for we do have the bluest sky anywhere in the world.

And thus when one is "regarding trees", one is also regarding the sky.

That's what I did last Tuesday the 12th, after returning from New Jersey.  I cannot express how delightful it was to return to warmth and color, after the cold, colorless landscape of the east.

I hardly got 100 yards out the front door before I was stopped by these magnificent 'stink trees'.  I am not sure what they are, pear maybe, but they stink like garbage.  Still, they are beautiful!
"it was Tuesday, March 12.  On Monday I flew back home from Philadelphia, where I had had to shovel 6 inches of snow off the car, driveway and walk at Mom’s house, where everything was gray and bleak and hardly a stitch of anything was growing, where I witnessed Mom in her ever-growing isolation and loneliness, wondering if perhaps it bothers me more than her, but still a sadness pervades.  Then on Tuesday, I walked out of the house, it was sunny and in the 70’s, and the trees were blooming against a stunning blue sky, and a bit of my soul was healed."
Regarding Trees is the new kit os papers, elements, masks, frames and overlays from Jen Maddocks Designs (available at Scrapflower and Oscraps), perfect for documenting my soul-healing tree pictures.

Regarding Trees 2 photo Regarding-Trees-2_zpsd4a62024.jpg

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

7 Days of Photos

One more Oscraps birthday challenge, to take a photo every day, then scrap them.  This is somewhat redundant with Project 365 for me, but it was a picturesque week, especially since I was in two locations.

So this set of photos is not exactly the same as my Project 365 photos, which are all processed through InstaGram.  I really love these FotoInspired Templates 2B from Anna Aspnes.  I modified one to get seven masks, and took a little grunge out of some of the masks to get a cleaner look at the photos.

I love the addition of the chevron papers in several colors to add some color and texture to the bit of background showing through.

I also love that we managed to find some beauty in NJ, which was cold, gray and bleak for the most part.  But just two days after the snow, it warmed up, most of the snow melted, and a bit of blue sky appeared.  

We found this park in Glen Ridge (shown in the lower left photo) along side the railroad station.  I'm not sure I knew the train ran there, along Bloomfield Ave, and definitely never saw this park.  Bloomfield Ave requires so much attention to drive, there is no time to glance away.  The stream was unfortunately quite littered, but still, there was beauty there.

The middle photo of the giant tree was taken in Branch Brook Park in Newark.  I look forward to returning there in April, where hopefully we will be able to catch some of the hundreds of blooming cherry blossom trees.

The upper left photo was from the Bloomfield municipal building, quite a beautiful building architecturally, and the visit went well.

The rest of the photos were happily taken after I got back home, where it was warm and beautiful and colorful.

Birthday Week 7 photo Birthday-Week-7_zps0dd83f6c.jpg

Monday, March 18, 2013

Rock 'n Roll

One of the pieces of ephemera unearthed at mom's house recently was this newspaper clipping of Robert & Lisa's engagement.  I don't know the exact year.  I think they were married in about 1990.

All week I was thinking of this page, but needed to get through the Oscraps birthday celebrations before I had time to scrap something besides birthday challenges.

I used Maya de Groot's Miss Melody as the starting inspiration.  OK, so 1990ish may not be the rock 'n' roll era, but look at that hair, on both of them.  They were definitely rockin'.

I love making collages like this, piling stuff together for a messy look with lots of color and texture.
Robert Lisa Rock photo Robert-Lisa-Rock-Young_zpsd3e59f6f.jpg 
Additional credits, all from Maya de Groot: BeMine, Brocante, Contrast_Frame, Miss Felicity, Miss Melody_Melody, Passion for Paper, Stamped Alpha_Black and White

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Parisian Progress

Finally finally finally I am getting back to "normal" scrapping, that is, scrapping that is not for the Oscraps birthday bash (which was loads of fun!!).

I wanted to finish up the Paris photos from the 2007 trip to France.  There are not a lot of photos of Paris...if I can find my journal I could say just how long we were there, but I am not sure right now where that journal is.

I love these FotoInspired Templates from Anna Aspnes, they enable fitting a good number of pictures on a page, some highlighted, some spread out, with some room for embellishment.

Paris Eiffel Group 1 photo Paris-Eiffel-Group_zpscece3302.jpg

Paris Eiffel Group 2 photo Paris-Eiffel-Group-2_zpsd70fb5f2.jpg 
Additional credits: Dido Designs_Love in Paris, Forever Joy_Amour. Joanne Brisebois_Count the Ways. MdGroot_AJFreebie, MdGroot_OohLaLa, MdGroot_TTB_Stamp, Oscraps-Collab Parisian Holiday

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week 11

In which we took care of a few more things in NJ with a visit to the local municipal building, where I loved the doors and signage, and I came back to find everything blooming marvelously!

The trees are spectacular, I think made more so after the drear of NJ winter.  My Wednesday trip to eBay revealed new logo signs (I wonder what these cost??).  On Saturday we worked on the front courtyard, planing some perennials and the hydrangeas that arrived while we were away.  They are tiny now, just a few inches.  Some day they will be glorious, I am sure!

  Week 11 photo Week-11-1_zps0b8abaeb.jpg 
Template is Simply Kelly's InstaWeek Templates.

Friday, March 15, 2013

March Challenges - Spring Cluster FREEBIE

The March technique challenge at Oscraps is more of a technique or keyboard shortcut, but one I did not know. Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E apparently causes all visible layers to merge.  Now, for me, it is just as easy to highlight all the layers, right click and select merge.

I created the tulip cluster in the corner of the page.  I extracted the tulips from a picture taken on Arezzo Drive, added the palette and poppy from my collagable file, threw in a dictionary scan and some brushes.
Apparently since I was dealing with brushes, something interesting happened when I merged and the brushes became more prominent.  I wish I understood this better, but the end result is that I like the result.

Perhaps it's no great masterpiece, but I like it.  It's available for free download at box.

The page is a picture taken from the uppermost tee on the 17th hole, with the plum blossoms in full bloom.  I love this background, created from the Oscraps 7 collab
Spring Cluster photo Spring-Cluster_zpsf040f163.jpg 
Additional credits: Anna Aspnes_ArtPlay Palette Blooming Marvarvelous, Anna Aspnes_ArtPlay Palette Blossom, Anna Aspnes_ArtPlay Socialize Bonus_Frame, Dido Designs_earthSong

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 10

In which we drove to San Francisco just to deliver birthday roses to Ms AC, and on the way back witnessed the fog rolling over the western hills, played the back nine on a Monday, reveling n the plum blossoms on the 19th hole, then flew to Philadelphia on the way to NJ, where it snowed 6 inches!  While in NJ, I visited Dad's grave and crafted a little arrangement out of bits I could find, since it looked so bare without something.  The grocery stores there were full of green things for St. Patrick's Day, including green tulips and Irish soda bread, which I bought and ate on the plane ride home.

 Week 10 photo Week-10-1_zps3a954c3a.jpg 
 Template is Simply Kelly's InstaWeek.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seven "C"s

Challenge #3 from the Oscraps 7th Birthday celebration is to use 7 "C"s in a page.

I chose 1)a journaling card, 2) a cluster, although like all my clusters it's a little weak, 3) clips, 4) circles, 5) creases 6) clipping masks, and 7) "c" in title.

The pictures are from Nice, from the 2007 trip to Provence.

  Nice 7Cs photo Nice-1_zps1c58ae9e.jpg 
Credits: Studio 68_lovestruck, Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Elegance, Wander, Sunshine Bouquet, Anna Aspnes Woodshop Hearts, Jen Maddocks Designs Heart Matters, Joanne Brisebois Count the Ways, LydiaK Giovanna, MdGroot Art Journaling Freebie_Card, MdGroot_Steam Machines, Oscraps-SEVEN Collab

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Oscraps 7th Birthday FREEBIE Mini-Kit

I had the opportunity to design a little piece of the Oscraps 7th Birthday collab kit.  This is available as a FREEBIE download at Box.

For the rest of the collab, see the Oscraps Birthday Forum thread.  Every day there will be a different clue as to where to find the hidden link for the day's piece of the collab.

Besides my little piece, this collab is loaded with papers, elements, word art, journaling cards, all with a spring palette

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Big "7" FREEBIE Template

It's day 3 of the Oscraps 7th Birthday Party, and today we are decorating "7" templates.
This free template, made by moi, is available for download from Box. 

And here is my colorful 7, all with pictures taken at home and around the neighborhood in January and February  The background paper, journaling card and flowers are also in a free kit, to be posted tomorrow.

Seven Signs of Spring photo Seven-Signs-of-Spring_zps7610cdc5.jpg

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Seven Simple Wishes

The first daily challenge of the Oscraps 7th Birthday Party is to scrap "7 Things That Make Me _______"
I am a little scrapping challenged being on the road. Yesterday I re-downloaded the birthday collab onto my laptop, which was a super pain because the Extract All program which I use at time does not work with Windows 8. And the other day my portable mouse died once again. But we made a quick trip over to Staples and I bought an adorable new red mouse and now I am cooking with gas once again. For pictures, the other day I turned on iCloud picture sharing on this computer, and it is working! Even the pics I am taking and uploading to the iPad are showing on my cloud.
So I grabbed 7 of my recent photos, used the template and everything else from the Birthday collab, and wrote about 7 wishes, wishes which have come true!
7 Wishes photo 7-Things_zps4a412a3b.jpg

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Walk in the Park, NJ Style

It started as a walk to Starbucks, my home away from home.  Then when we came out, we headed north instead of back south, and came upon this park and railroad station.

In the years I lived here and drove past this area, I never really noticed this space.   It's down from the road, which is the busy Bloomfield Ave, from which you cannot remove your eyes while driving.
Who knew there was a creek down there?
Glen Ridge Park 2 photo P3090039_zpsff2942d4.jpg
Although there was no green on the trees, there was green on the stone walls of the creek, and even some blue sky, the day after it snowed 6" here.
Glen Ridge Park 1 photo P3090048_zps4e0f85b5.jpg
There was even a bit of a waterfall tumbling over the time-worn rocks.  Unfortunately there was also a lot of litter, but, this is NJ.
Glen Ridge Park 3 photo P3090047_zps46ead8b9.jpg
I wonder if anyone ever uses this lovely little gazebo.  I bet it looks quite pretty when the grass is green.
Glen Ridge Park 4 photo P3090049_zps35ade822.jpg
A lovely old stone bridge crossed the creek with an outlet for the water from the road above.
Glen Ridge Park 5 photo P3090052_zps87b667c1.jpg

Friday, March 8, 2013

Head in the Clouds

Our newest designer at Oscraps is Paula Kesserling, and she brings a wealth of vintage and art journaling style. Her newest kit, Purple Rain, had just the right colors for scrapping these pictures of fog that I took and Instgrammed on the way home from San Francisco on Sunday.
Another page scrapped on the go while in NJ.
Head in Clouds photo Head-in-Clouds_zpsdf09397d.jpg

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Plum Scrapping on the Go

I created this page on the go, quite an accomplishment, but not so hard given it seems my whole life is either on my iPhone or on the Cloud, providing me with a stash of pictures, the ability to scrap them, upload them, share them.
It was just Monday I took these pictures of the peaking plum blossoms on the 17th hole, but somehow it feels like it was a while ago already.  I am looking forward to being back home.
The kits are new from Jen Maddocks, Artisan Favorite Templates 4 and Regarding Blossoms kit.

Plum Blossoms photo Plum-Blossoms_zps329ac275.jpg
Available at Scrapflower and Oscraps:

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week 9

In which we celebrated Ms ACs birthday with dinner at Paesano's and brunch at home.  I pulled out that birthday tag banner I made a few years ago, I think it was for the 23rd birthday.

 The weather was warm and spring things are blooming everywhere!  I especially love the daffodils on the hill between the 7th and 8th holes, blooming so naturally in clusters among the steps, hill and other bushes.

This is made with Maya de Groot's Passion for Project 365 templates, with her Backpackers used as background papers.
Week 9 photo Week-9-2_zpsed1dd670.jpg

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Challenges - Copycat

For the March copycat challenge at Oscraps, the challenge was to pick the 10th layout in the gallery and scraplift it. Well, I cheated a bit, waiting until the 10th layout was something I really liked and wanted to lift. I chose this adorable layout by LindyShay at Oscraps. I recognized it as using some of my favorite kits, especially ArtPlay Palette Crazy Life with that wonderful textured background.

 LindyShay March Scraplift photo MarchLift_zps3f770620.jpg

I chose a very different photo, but the same kind of central focus, similar colors, framing, background, etc.  When something is good, copy it!

 Tulips March Copy photo Tulips-March-Copy_zpsd03a5682.jpg 
 Credits: Aspnes ArtPlay CrazyLife, ArtPlay GlobeTrotter_Frame, ArtPlay MetroGraffiti, ArtPlay Palette Blooming Marvelous, ArtPlay Palette Blossom_Transfers, ArtPlay Palette Encapsulate, Doily Edge Overlays, SkribbleBlooms1_6

Monday, March 4, 2013

March Challenges - Web Inspiration

Sent by Ms AC from her trip to Mariposa, and just touched up a bit to lighten Ms AC and That Sam I Am against the backdrop of Clark Peak in Yosemite.

Yosemite photo Yosemite_zps95a9dd08.jpg

Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Challenges - Color Quotes

My Oscraps challenge for March is about color quotes.  I found the best source, so easily, it was perfect.  Of course I can't remember where I found it, on a blog I think, or how, perhaps a search, but I came across so many great images to use for inspiration.

Color  Quote 1 photo Color1_zpsee740534.jpg Color  Quote 2 photo Color2_zpscfc0e51c.jpg Color  Quote 3 photo Color3_zps3409a8ba.jpg Color  Quote 4 photo Color4_zps36e45223.jpg Color  Quote 5 photo Color5_zps3d15c311.jpg Color  Quote 6 photo Color6_zps33deec26.jpg Color  Quote 7 photo Color7_zpsb5828051.jpg Color  Quote 8 photo Color8_zpsc512fc76.jpg Color  Quote 9 photo Color9_zpsda3f4e36.jpg Color  Quote 10 photo Color10_zps4b22c638.jpg

One of the most gloriously colorful things I have ever done was visit Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands. I remember the first time I tried to visit, back in the early 80s. It was too early in the season, and there had been a storm, so the gardens were closed. I remember standing outside the gates, longing to go in. But I was fortunate enough to return, in 2009, on our bike and barge tour of the Netherlansds. We biked over to Keukenhof from our barge mooring, not very far, and of course all biking is super easy in the flatlands of the Netherlands. It was all it is cranked up to be.

Keukenhof ColorQuote photo Keukenhof1-MarchQuote_zps91709ac7.jpg 
Credits: Jen Maddocks FREE Vintage Templates, JenMaddocksDesigns_Artisan Favorite Templates2, JenMaddocksDesigns_Amethist Lane, Anna Aspnes_ArtPlayCrazyLife,  ArtPlayPaletteBloomMarv, DoilyEdgeOverlays2, WarmGlows, MdGroot_Travelers Treasure Box_Stamp_01