Friday, February 15, 2013

The Winter Live Oaks

So very California, the live oaks, so very intriguing with their curly branches, especially evident in the winter.  Apparently coast live oaks are evergreen trees, but the ones around here normally shed their leaves in the winter, revealing their wonderful forms.

The live oak in my back yard in Saratoga really impressed dad when he visited when Ms AC was born nearly 25 years ago.  They produce about a million pounds of acorns.  He collected a bag and brought them home to his squirrels.  I'll have to bring him some next time I visit, perhaps I can plant a few...somehow there is a little comic relief in that thought.

The live oaks also impressed Crissy when she visited over 2 years ago.  I was impressed that a young girl from NJ would be impressed with a California tree.

I am daily intrigued with the forms of the live oak, seen here as the subject for an AnnaLift I did several weeks ago.  The subject of the lift was simplicity.  I don't make very many simple scrapbook pages, but perhaps this qualifies.  This particular tree was on Silver Creek Valley Road, down by Silver Creek between home and the Starbucks, where we were walking back from coffee on a Saturday afternoon.

Live Oak Anna Lift photo Live-Oak-Tree_zps95264053.jpg

A little more timely, as I was struggling a bit on the difficult 16th hole on Wednesday, I looked up to the magnificent silhouette of the live oak on 16. Live Oak on 16 photo LiveOakon16_zpsa4d4a4b0.jpg 

 I Instagrammed this as my photo of the day.   Someone commented that it looked like a heart artery map...I like that!
Live Oak on 16 Instagram photo LiveOakon16IG_zpse7421319.jpg

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