Friday, February 22, 2013

The Quick Brown Fox

I first encountered Mr. China Fox on the wall at Anthropologie the weekend before my birthday. We had a little time to kill between picking up Ms AC at the Diridon train station and arriving at Paesano's for dinner, so we went up to Santana Row.

It was almost too hottie overload.  The anthro atmosphere, the anthro smell, the earthy colors, broken china mosaics in shades of blue.  We didn't have too much time, so I grabbed a bad picture and made a note to myself to return.

Return I did, on my birthday.  This time I lingered.  I took a few more pictures.  I took him in, I touched him, I assessed him, I thought about how I would do it differently, probably with no plates left unbroken.  I smiled like a crazy person when people stared.  I looked around for someone with which to discuss him but there were no takers.  I thought about asking for the manager so I could find out more about how he was made...who conceived the idea, who did the work.  I wanted to know everything about him, for I loved him! And I knew someday soon I would scrap him.

And the someday arrived, with the help of the designer spotlight challenge for Jen Maddocks Designs at Oscraps, featuring two free Vintage Templates for use in the challenge.

I was instantly drawn to this template because it has a central photo mask, perfect for Mr. China Fox.  But since I had already processed the picture with Instagram,  it was a square photo and didn't fill the mask, so I just added a color layer in between the photo and mask to fill it.

I added an artsy background paper from Jen Maddocks Vintage Kit, I removed the top layer of the template because it was masking my photo too much, but then added a slice of another paper from Vintage to add to the motion. To extend the mask I added a brush from Vintage Destroyed, then added a tag and elements, also from Vintage and Vintage Alpha.

Then I searched for and found a great fox quote by Antoine de St Exupery and added that in a swirly Chopin Script.

Finally I got the idea for the ultimate fox quote! And the typewriter image reinforced that idea, so I added the typewriter test quote in VT Portable Remington, altering the size and masking the transparency with another paper cutout.

I love this page!

Fox JMT2 photo Fox-JM-T2_zps65d8aca1.jpg 

Freebie Templates available at Jen Maddocks store at Oscraps.

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