Sunday, February 24, 2013

Paris Brocante

Brocante is such a lovely word, though not one we use much in English. In fact it is not even in my Scrabble dictionary. It is so much prettier than the term 'flea market', which translates to 'puces', also not pretty.

'Brocante' is the subject of Maya de Groot's kit for her feature at The Digi Files.

I knew what photo I would use with this kit, and I even found it pretty easily. This is from my March 2009 trip to Paris. There were some wonderful word strips in the kit, which I was able to use to construct the journaling by adding my own fonts and alphas.  Je t'adore!

Paris Brocante photo Paris-Brocante.jpg 

Maya de Groot's Brocante:

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