Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hydrangea Love

I remember as a child, getting seed catalogs in the mail at the beginning of the year.  Well, maybe they weren't coming to me, but I would get them, look at them, cut out pictures of my favorite flowers and make collages.  Perhaps they were coming to my grandmother, who was a great gardener, keeping us supplied with fresh vegetables, especially tomatoes, which she would bottle for a year's supply of our Sunday sauces.  I think I remember hanging one of these collages in the hut at the back of the property.  I also remember seeing a rat in that hut one day, but I digress into something unpleasant.

Back to pretty flowers, I still enjoy getting those seed catalogs and looking at the beautiful photos of flowers and vegetables.  We have no garden space to speak of here in Silver Creek, and not enough time to garden, but still  I enjoy the pictures and dream of beautiful flowers in the garden of my mind.

This year, I hope to work on improving the front courtyard.  There is a little space there, the lovely fountains, a warm space protected from the wind and basking in the morning sun, which in summer gets shady pretty early in the day.  This space is designated for three new hydrangea bushes which should arrive in time for planting in my area :-)

Our hydrangea bush in front of the Stern Ave house was our pride and joy.  Did we buy it at Yamagami's?  We must have, although I don't clearly remember.  It grew large and beautiful, and with the help of aluminum sulfate, put out great mopheads of blue blossoms every year.

It was fun to feature that lovely bush in a page with the Hydrangea Pretties kit from Forever Joy.

Hydrangeas photo Hydrangeas_zpsef25dd78.jpg

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