Friday, February 8, 2013

Click Click Click

For a designer challenge at Oscraps sponsored by 'the hidden heart', the challenge was to scrap about your life right now, and well, this is a big part of it...taking pictures and writing about them.
I am not sure exactly when I starting becoming obsessed with pictures, but now, it’s like my brain is a camera, and I am constantly scanning for that shot, something pretty, a color, a texture, contrast... my eyes have become lenses, framing the shots, planning the memories. It’s like I am the camera. And now the rush is on to make sure the best of the captured memories are scrapped, documented, printed. I have become the camera of my own life, measuring time through the click of the lens.
 Me Camera Lift photo Me-Camera-Lift_zps2c5b595f.jpg 
Credits: {our everyday} by The Hidden Heart}, Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Fotographie, Blossom, Everyday, Globe Trotter, font - Pea Marie-Christine

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