Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Birthday in Pictures & Color

To be artsy craftsy every day, one needs inspiration.  For inspiration, one needs to get out and about.  And so I decided I needed a mental health day on my birthday to get out, get inspired, and fuel my creative energies.

Yes I just went to Santana Row last Saturday night, where I browsed through Anthropologie, and yes I also spent time in the Anthropologie in Carmel on Sunday, but I don't tire of the colors, the patterns, the aromas, the inspiration!

Like this canvas of painted flowing fibers. Anthro photo IMG_2517_zps5cc0957b.jpg

Or this fox made from broken plates...I actually thought about asking them if they needed someone to make more plate animals for them...I believe I could actually do this better.
 Mosaic Fox photo IMG_2600_zps39e463b1.jpg

Then on to Starbucks for my free birthday drink, make it a grande please, where more inspiration happened in the form of architectural details, like this wall with wooden element, keys, grates, and a huge set of very un-Starbucks-like doors.

Starbucks Santana Row photo IMG_2560_zps9d363243.jpg

Starbucks Santana Row photo IMG_2557_zpsfd4e68bb.jpg Starbucks Santana Row photo IMG_2558_zpsf5572f38.jpg

Starbucks Door photo IMG_2561_zps071a9398.jpg

While sipping my coffee in the brilliant sunshine, I was gazing upon these amazingly colorful psychedelic-like flowers adorning the entrance to something, I think it was a taco place.

Taco Flowers photo IMG_2563_zpseafde68a.jpg

Then out onto the street, where the flower boxes were full of colorful blooms, including sweet-smelling hyacinth and bright-red tulips.
Santana Row Flowers photo IMG_2575_zpse21b73e4.jpg Santana Row Flowers photo IMG_2572_zps1b282f85.jpg Santana Row Flowers photo IMG_2568_zps3d129246.jpg

 I came home to find my very own bouquet of tulips, which adorned the table along with prosecco and Bowtie Aglio for a perfect birthday dinner.
 Birthday Tulips photo IMG_2581_zps7e9d3059.jpg Birthday Dinner photo IMG_2587_zpsbe0e391c.jpg 

Then one final bit of fun and inspiration, a new gnome! What shall I name him, and where should I put him? 
Birthday Gnome photo IMG_2596_zpsa7ff41be.jpg

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