Sunday, February 17, 2013

And on to Aix

Don't worry, there will be more pages featuring the Eiffel Tower from the 2007 trip to France, but this next page happened to have the right colors and mood to be chosen as the subject for an AnnaLift at Oscraps.

This was Aix en Provence, a place where there was nothing to do but relax, walk around and people watch, similar in a way to Verona, but classier in a French way.  We often strive to be in a town on market days, for oh how I love European markets, especially the brocantes with lots of stuff besides the requisite fruit and flowers.  I could stroll these markets for hours.  It is a little more difficult for me to market in France, because I want to touch everything, and touching, while OK in the markets, is just not done as much, or comes with the risk of talking, which is tricky.

Annalift Aix en Provence photo AnnaLift-0221-Aix_zpsddf60d0e.jpg 
Credits: Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palettes Elegance and Blooming Marvelous, plus Doily Edge Overlays No 2 and Warm Glows No 1

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