Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1 Kit 5 Ways - Portofino

For the Oscraps blog feature, 1 Kit 5 Ways, I created two pages for my Europe 2005 book (which I now have in hand, and it is SO beautiful!).

We chose the kit Big Hug by Boutique Cute Doll.  What does this have to do with Europe?

BCD Big Hug photo bcd_bighug_kit_zps07db6fd2.jpg

Well, I didn't know until I opened up the pictures.  There were some beautiful pink papers, so I looked for pink pictures.  Not only were the buildings along the coast of Portofino shaded pink, but I was also wearing a pink shirt.  Perfect!

This page uses a technique of superimposing two layers of the same photo, one with a 'find edges' filter, and the other normal, masking both, and selectively brushing away parts of each to reveal the main photo edged by sketches of the photo.

Then I added another photo with traditional matting, a stack of papers, a ribbon and a button.   Tomorrow I'll reveal what happened when I accidentally slipped a paper between the two photo layers.

Portofino Sketch bcd photo Portofino-Sketch-bcd_zpsde823421.jpg

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