Thursday, February 21, 2013

1 Kit 5 Ways - Portofino II

It was one of those happy accidents.  I wanted to blend this pretty pink heart paper onto my scrapbook page, and wasn't paying attention to where I was slipping it.

It landed between the two photo layers, and created a wonderful effect of pink hearts and flowers blended into the landscape.  I decided to use this idea for an accompanying page of the harbor of Portofino.

I used a watercolor brush against the masked photo to create  the heart shape.  A couple more photos, with the same matting as in the accompanying layout, completed the page in no time.  I love how there is a pink tower draped over the front of that boat.

I do hope I can return to see Portofino again!

Portofino Sketch bcd2 photo Portofino-Sketch-bcd2_zps0b843fa9.jpg

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