Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 4

In which I got ...A HOLE IN ONE!  It was the afternoon of Mr AC's birthday, Friday, January 25, on the 4th hole at Silver Creek Valley Country Club.  A par 3, with the pin in front, the shot was about 85 yards over that huge waste bunker.  I hit an 8-iron, perfectly, which made a beautiful arc, landed on the green about 18-20" in front of the hole, rolled and dropped in...just like that!

I also finished my crafty closet project and got plenty of outside time as the weather is warming, at least for now.

I switched things up a little bit this week, using Maya de Groot's Passion for Project 365 template.

 Week 4 

Maya has 4 different arrangements for the 7 photos, with a great frame on each that makes it easy to note the date and a title.   I used the one on the upper left, just made all the photos bigger.

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