Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oscraps January Web Challenge - the List

What with January being a month for resolutions and lists, such was the subject of the January web inspiration challenge at Oscraps. But, I don't make resolutions. I do make lists, but they're not very attractive. But while browsing Disneyland pictures in anticipation of our trip in September, I came across this wonderful picture of a list from Mickey's house, taken on that trip from 2002 with Ms AC and her friends Jessica and Grace.

It reads:
1. Wake up at 5 am
2. Mousercise
3. Play with Pluto
4. Eat a balanced breakfast
5. Water lawn
6. Call Minnie
7. Be in Movie Barn by 6:30 am
8. Open barn to greet guests

Disney 2002

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