Thursday, January 31, 2013

Versailles Pink

I am really enjoying going back to the 2005 European trip to Paris, Monaco and Italy to scrap pictures.  There are so many good pictures and great memories.

Needing to work with some very pink kits from Jen Maddocks Designs, I found these wonderful pictures of very pink rooms at Versailles.  Unfortunately, I don't have any specific notes from this trip, and being nearly 8

 years ago, I don't remember the details.  But I was able to find at least one of these rooms on the Versailles website, as the King's bedroom.

The other room might actually be from Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon.  Some of the pictures are even a bit blurry, since I am sure we could not use a flash, but even blurry, they convey some of the incredible opulence of the palace and its rooms.

Versailles Kings Bedroom

Versailles Pink 2

Since these are destined for an 8x11 Shutterfly book, I thought I might try actually presenting the pages in that size, instead of making them 8x8 and adding other pics to the page. i just have to remember to do this for these pages.  Interesting that I was able to fit another picture on the page in this landscape format.

 Versailles 8x11

There are several kits in these pages, the most significant being the Bokah Love beautiful with rich pink colors filled with bokah, and Ornate Destroyed (love!), which I recolored with gold glitter styles, also provided in the kits.  Available at the newly reopened Scrapflower.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Week 4

In which I got ...A HOLE IN ONE!  It was the afternoon of Mr AC's birthday, Friday, January 25, on the 4th hole at Silver Creek Valley Country Club.  A par 3, with the pin in front, the shot was about 85 yards over that huge waste bunker.  I hit an 8-iron, perfectly, which made a beautiful arc, landed on the green about 18-20" in front of the hole, rolled and dropped in...just like that!

I also finished my crafty closet project and got plenty of outside time as the weather is warming, at least for now.

I switched things up a little bit this week, using Maya de Groot's Passion for Project 365 template.

 Week 4 

Maya has 4 different arrangements for the 7 photos, with a great frame on each that makes it easy to note the date and a title.   I used the one on the upper left, just made all the photos bigger.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oscraps January Web Challenge - the List

What with January being a month for resolutions and lists, such was the subject of the January web inspiration challenge at Oscraps. But, I don't make resolutions. I do make lists, but they're not very attractive. But while browsing Disneyland pictures in anticipation of our trip in September, I came across this wonderful picture of a list from Mickey's house, taken on that trip from 2002 with Ms AC and her friends Jessica and Grace.

It reads:
1. Wake up at 5 am
2. Mousercise
3. Play with Pluto
4. Eat a balanced breakfast
5. Water lawn
6. Call Minnie
7. Be in Movie Barn by 6:30 am
8. Open barn to greet guests

Disney 2002

Monday, January 28, 2013

New Releases - Amour

I spied an Eiffel Tower in this new kit, Amour, from Forever Joy Designs, and that was it...easy to find a photo from the 2005 trip, one of my favorite photos from the trip.
I am still working on learning how to cluster, somehow this just does not come naturally to me.

Paris Forever Joy Amour

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Florence Duomo

For the Oscraps blog feature 1 Kit 5 Ways, I scrapped these pictures of the Florence Duomo using Val C's My Way kit.  I love the perspective of these shots, the intricacy of the marble, the great pink and green colors dubbed by Rick Steves, "the cathedral in pajamas".
Yes, the sky was that vibrantly blue the day these pictures were taken back in August of 2005.

Florence Duomo

Saturday, January 26, 2013

David Squared

Another AnnaLift...this week, the inspiration page had a picture of a layout, accompanied by related pictures.  *lightbulb* as Gru would say!  Truly, this is a fun and brilliant idea.  I love the thought of not only showing a group of pictures, but showing how I scrapped one or more of those pictures, all on the same page.  I call it "David Squared".

David Squared 
Credits: Original page by lorrieimages, digital products from Anna Aspnes: ForoInspired Template Pack 2B, ArtPlay Palette Wander, ArtPlay Palette Ablaze

Friday, January 25, 2013


I am still casually trying to go back and scrap with pictures from older European vacations.  Now that the London book is done, printed, in hand, and a replacement on the way, since the book came with a pretty badly ripped page, the focus is on the 2005 trip to Paris, Monaco and Italy.

For an AnnaLift this week which was centered on statuary, I chose this picture of David from Florence.  This is not the real David, the one inside the Accademia, but the copy that stands outside in the Piazza della Signoria outside the Palazzo Vecchio.  The important aspect here is that this one can be photographed!

I discovered a fun new font from Jellyka that provides just the amount of swirl and flourish that I love.  Also love these canvas frames that pop the image off the page.  Although I am not a fan of white space, I love having an open canvas for blending and textures.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Week 3

Continuing my Instagram Photo of the Day project, week 3 included a haircut, a trip to the dentist in Cupertino, our 16th wedding anniversary, and the return of golf weather, albeit under wet conditions.

Week 3

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Releases - Vintage Charm

There are so many new releases at Oscraps these days, hard to keep up with them all.  A sweet little kit called Vintage Charm from The Hidden Heart was used in this page about my African Violets, which plug on and bloom constantly despite the cold temperatures in the house, especially on the cold stone counter of the cold kitchen window. 

Captured them here with the early morning sun shining in, lighting up their glittery petals.  Just love the sweet vintage imagery and turquoise and red combinations here.

African Violets

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Paris in My Closet

I've had this idea for a while, like many of my ideas, actually a long while.  I needed to decide what to do, how to do it, and what to use.  I needed to buy what I needed to use, and I needed to find the best price for what I needed to buy.  No wonder this took months to think, but only an evening to do!

This was the inside of my closet, the back of the mirrored sliding glass doors.  Pretty uninteresting, perhaps even considered a tad ugly.

Closet Before

And this is Toujour Eiffel, a fabric from the Lakehouse Penelope collection designed by Holly Holderman.  **heart**
Eiffel Tower Fabric 
I bought a bolt of the fabric from the Fat Quarter shop at a decent price (I considered buying it wholesale, but didn't quite have a need for 2 bolts, or 30 yards, of the fabric.)

Closet Materials

Mr AC helped by removing to doors so I could cover them horizontally, instead of trying to wrestle the fabric onto the doors vertically.  After staring at products and reading labels for a while at Michaels, we Chose Krylon Low Odor Spray Glue adhesive and this seemed to work out pretty well.

Closet Door Complete

And voila!  The inside of my closed transformed into a little slice of Paris!  I squealed with delight when I went into my closet for the first time.  Now perhaps a little chandelier in there...
 Closet After

Monday, January 21, 2013

Dream House

Art journaling done with ReeLynn's Art Journaling Messy Papers No 5 and Journaling Doodle Brushes 3 

Dream House

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pink Hope

The first of pages created as part of a new Creative Team for ReeLynn Designs at Hummie's World.

Flower Doodle

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Focus on the Rose

Not my roses, but still nice to find some in the neighborhood.  Although the anal me thinks that if I have to prune my roses back to nothing every january, so should everyone else.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Cupertino Conquistador

Every time I go to the dentist, I get to stare out at the conquistador helmet sculpture in Cupertino square. On a bright sunny day, this offered some great photo opportunities, and perfect for use with Jen Maddocks Artisan Favorite Templates 3 and Artisan and Artisan Paper Set 1.
I also three in a little of Jen's Urban Grunge 3 in the lower right corner.

 Cupertino Conquistador

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Walk With Me

Created for a designer challenge at Oscraps by Lifescapes, this is a statue in front of the Cupertino public library, which I don't remember noticing before.
Walk With Me

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Be My Gnome-en-Tine

I can take no credit for these designs, they are "quick pages" called Quick Kiss from Forever Joy Designs.  In this first one, all I did was plop in the picture and write a little something, but I think it's so cute!

Gnomeo Juliet QP 2

For this page I added some elements from Holliewood's Whose Your Gnome.
Gnomeo Juliet QP 2

They would make cute Valentine cards!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Roses Redux

Here are those roses again, this time in a shabby chic setting using Boutique Cute Doll's Everytime kit at Oscraps.

Roses bcd

Monday, January 14, 2013

London Book

Phew...I thought it would be a simple job to just print a bunch of pictures from an older trip. But still I agonize over every picture, hate to leave any behind, wish I had the time to edit each one. Alas, none of the above, but a book is created and on the way.
London 2006
Photo Book Tip: Create an adventurous travel photo album at

Sunday, January 13, 2013

ReeLynn's Gray Challenge

ReeLynn's Challenge at Hummie's World is to create a page using only gray papers and elements.  This was actually pretty easy, since gray sets off vividly colored flower photos so well!  These roses are from the front of the house.  Although I pruned the heck out of all the roses last weekend, I could not bear to cut off tthese sweet little things, pushing out despite the freezing temperatures.

Today they rewarded me with a colorful show in the sunshine.

Roses and Gray
Made with ReeLynn's Shades of Grey, Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette English Rose and Acrylic Alpha.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week 2 & ReeLynn Designs

Week 2 of my Instagram photos of the is working out so far, except I need to be careful to take clear pictures...that's the downside of iPhone pics, I can't always tell if they are well in focus.
But I love the intensity of the filtered colors.

This week I once again used an art journaling page as a background, this one from my newest designer, ReeLynn Designs.  I am exciting to be on the newly created Creative Team for Ree who sells at Hummie's World.

I also changed my journaling approach in week 2, using journaling transfers from Anna Aspnes that I think work out quite nicely.  They also help to provide a little white space in what is a riot of color, but, that was truly my week!

Week 2

Friday, January 11, 2013

London Cover

Uppercase letter templates from Simply Kelly Designs were used to create this cover story for my London book, complemented perfectly by the Cheerio kit my Maya de Groot at Oscraps.
It was fun picking pictures to pop into the sections, a few of which I combined to better fit a picture.  I was thinking the book might be 8x12, so I may need to resize this, but think these templates would be perfect as covers for any subject.

 London Cover

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dr. Johnson's London

New basic kits from Forever Joy Designs were used to scrap these pictures from London where we visited the house of Dr Samuel Johnson, writer of the English dictionary. What an incredible accomplishment that is, writing a dictionary! All around the neighborhood of his house were these panels, I think they were actually blocking off some construction, with definitions on them. As a lover of words, this was fun and exciting for me.

 Words Samuel  Johnson

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


For the January Journaling challenge at Oscraps.

Moi at 55 
Credits: Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette Scholarly, ArtPlay Palette Adventure, ArtPlay Palette Crazy Life, ArtPlay Palette Encapsulate, ArtPlay Palette Ablaze, Artsy Kardz Salty Living, Beautiful Word Art, Find My Way Overlays 3 Maya de Groot: Nuts n Bolts Alpha, Cut Out Alpha, Stamped Alpha, The Art of Journaling 

Journaling: There was a time I didn’t like to have my picture taken..I didn’t like the way I looked in pictures. Now I realize that doesn’t matter, as this is how others see me, so I had better get used to seeing myself this way. Now it is not at all unusual for me to take a silly self-portrait like this one, taken in front of the Frances Scott Key Memorial in Golden Gate Park, because it was sunny and beautiful, the sky was blue and the air was clear and fresh and I liked the shapes and the contrast and I was well, happy! This is me who has learned a lot this year, learned to care a little more for others, learned to put others before myself, learned about caring for a parent and doing my best to make life better for someone who tried to do the same for me. This is me who loves to take pictures, loves to create, loves to spend time with my family, loves a good hair day but accepts that those don’t exist in San Francisco, loves my home and my neighborhood and my golf course and my gnomes, loves that I have learned to treasure those things which Dad left behind. This is me the engineer, the scientist, the logical thinker, the artist, the dreamer, the crafter, the creator. This is the mom who hopes to convey some of these learnings to the young woman who is my life and love, and looks forward to sharing with the best husband I could have. This is me at 55 and I’m proud of it. Photo from December 29, 2012, documented December 31, 2012

Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 1 of 2013

In which I went with an Instagram approach to Project 365.  I hope this works out!  A little nervous that Instagram will change now that it is owned by Facebook, not a concept which thrills me.  But, a fun start to using filtered square photos!
Mr AC came "that close" to a hole in one on New Year's Day, the leaves didn't change this year until now, in January, we continue our daily golf or walk, celebrated National Spaghetti Day, and went to see Les Mis, my ticket courtesy of Banana Republic.

Week 1 
Credits - template from Simply Kelly Designs, Orange Scribble Journal from Jen Maddocks Designs

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Portofino Sketch

For the January copycat challenge at Oscraps.

Since I am not good at (aka don't like ;-)) white space, I used the background of the template for my photo/sketch, another using Scrappy Irene's sketch tutorial which can be found on the Oscraps blog, and used the blocks to add sketch cards.

This is another photo of the Portofino harbor from our 2005 trip, my 2013 attempt to back-scrap the older European trips.
Portofine Sketch
CopyCat Template
Anna Aspnes: Artsy Kardz Salty Living, ArtPlay Palette Seafoam, ArtPlay Palette Wander

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Project 366 Book Complete!

It's the sales that are the motivators. At 50% off plus free shipping, I saved over $70 on the cost of my 2012 Project 366 book at Shutterfly. Sale ends Wednesday the 9th, but I finished yesterday. I could have spent a lot more time on the cover, but I just wanted to get it done, so choose a similar cover to last year, neutral in contrast to the wildly colorful pages inside, but this year brown tones instead of gray.

Turn your favorite photos into a photo book at

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Things

For the January stash challenge at Oscraps, which required the use of the word "new".  So many fun new slippers, which I got at 50% off by buying a new pair for Mr AC, wonderful presents, like my new NY Yankee hat, a new gnome and new workout clothes from Athleta, new tea both given and received, my new cork wreath for the front door.

New Things 
Credits: Anna Aspnes FotoBlendz Album 5A, 1) newest item Anna Aspnes Artsy Kardz Salty Living, 2) New in title, font is Chicago House trial, 3) I used multiple photos, most of these Christmas presents to me or others, 4 & 5) a sparkly border from Maya de Groot Paint n Glitter Clusters, 6) circle items include my wreath and circles in the background, and 7) I included a food item, the pic of a lovely tin of tea received as a gift

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Paris Scribbles

From the 2005 trip to Paris, supporting my 2013 goal to scrap and print old vacation photos, using Jen Maddocks new  Art Journal Orange Scribble available at Oscraps.

Paris Journal 1

Paris Journal 2

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Final Weeks

The final weeks of Project 365 are complete. Now comes the hard part! Can I proof them all and generate the high-res copies, upload and arrange them in a book in time to print by the 9th of January?? 

Week 52

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


My scrapping goals for 2013 are still swooshing around in my brain, especially regarding Project 365, but one thing I know I want to work on is printing pictures from past European vacations.

So with each challenge or new kit I am trying to look back and choose a few photos from the past.  I don't intend to scrap them all, but scrap a few and print them in books along with unscrapped photos.

A new designer challenge sponsored by Maya de Groot has the theme of arches.  It's funny how this theme is causing me to see arches everywhere!  The first and most obvious...the Arc de Triomphe!

I love this picture from 2005, taken shortly after we arrived in Paris, all a bit bedraggled but happy to be there on a sunny day, standing in front of the arch, about to foray down the Champs Elysee.

Arc de Triomphe 
 Additional credits - From Maya de Groot, Ooh La La  and Art Journaling Freebie,Oscraps Collab Parisian Holiday, Joanne Brisbois Count the Ways

 Here are the arch templates Maya has provided for the challenge, I chose the one on the far right, and clipped a paper to it that just accidentally looked good.