Monday, December 24, 2012

The Dining Room Drapes

I think it was last year that I had the dining room remodeled, or was it 2010??  Regardless, it was this year, 2012, in which the dining room drapes finally are done.

It took a long time to settle on a fabric.  One of the problems is that the blue paint is not exactly the blue color that I wanted, and so I was having a hard time matching it.  Then sales would come and go and I wouldn't act.  Finally, I was determined to take advtange of a 25% off sale at Calico Corners.

I brought home several swatches and finally decided on this rich blue toile.

Blue Toile

Of course it had to be a toile.  I was especially compelled once I had completed the toile panels for the side of the front door.
 Toile Door Panels 

The biggest challenge was designing something to fit the existing hardware, intended for pinch-pleated drapes which I was determined not to make (too hard!). I decided simple tab-top panels would be best, the tabs able to wrap around the pole once the pinch-pleat hardware was removed, which, fortunately, was not a huge problem. Then there was the taking down of the existing drapes, removing their linings for reuse, washing everything, cutting, sewing, making a huge cutting mistake that almost ended in disaster but fortunately was recoverable...ah, adventures in sewing! Four full-width panels turned out to be even fuller than I expected and look so lovely!
 Drapes Closed 

And some quickly made tie-backs completes the picture.  The room was ready for Christmas Eve dinner and looks warm and beautiful, especially with the morning sun shining through.  Another successful artsy-craftsy project!
Drapes Open Drapes Morning

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