Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Cork Wreath

I first saw cork wreathes on Pinterest, and decided that since we have quite a collection of corks, I needed to make my own.

First I needed to find a styrofoam wreath form, which took a little longer than I expected, with no large forms available at JoAnns.  I found a 16" form at Michaels, then covered it in strips of burlap left over from my table runners and placemats.  This was almost cute enough to leave as is.  And oh caution...the burlap is so loosely woven that it is hard to glue it in place without burning yourself like a million times.

Cork Wreath WIP1 IMG_2076

The next step took a long time, trying to decide how to arrange the corks. I was torn between a more symmetrical arrangement and something more random.
 Cork Wreath WIP3

 In the end I decided on a mixed approach, using a set of plastic corks for the inner ring, giving a good base to built on, then a set of champagne corks to start to build out, a set of wine-stained corks for the outer ring, and some randomness in between.   I LOVE the way it looks!
Cork Wreath 

 It is hanging on the door, but unfortunately needs something else at this point, maybe some cascading leaves, a project for another day.
 Cork Wreath on Door

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