Monday, December 31, 2012

Look at this Instagram

Look at this Instagram
Eggs benedict, side of ham
Started out as a lemon tart
Them my phone went and made it art

And these are my fingernails
The beauty is in the details
Drinking mai-tais on a cruise
just a coincidence it's also boobs

Everyone look at my feet
Get jealous that I'm at the beach
Probably knew I was going there
You saw my plan wing in the air

Are you bored of city lights
Try seeing them in black & white
Putting glasses on my cat,
I'm the first one to think of that
oh oh oh He thinks he's people

Every time I take photo of an old door
Every sign out in front of an abandoned store
It's such a thrill to add a filter
Lo-Fi, Lo-Fi

Every time a thing reminds me of a penis
Every fortune cookie fortune that I've ever seen
Is on my feed and guaranteed
Five likes, five likes

Look at this coffee foam
Look at this pretentious tome,
Now look at this garden gnome
I'm friggin' Michelangelo

Fireworks in the sky
A super close up of my eye
Now a selfie lookin' cute
in the same room where I poop

Sometimes I just want to browse
A hundred thousand pics of clouds
Hang on, I gotta get this duck
Hold still, g*d*it, f*
oh no no, it's all blurry

Well you haven't really seen a setting sun
Till you've seen it on the screen where you play temple run
I'm so hellbent on documenting,
peach pie, peach pie

Think it's bad now, wait until I'm 33
So many pictures of my kids you'll want to murder me
Missed their first steps cause I'm obsessed with red-eye, red-eye

And so it is that I highlight December in InstaGram, with Simply Kelly's new InstaWeek templates.
Additional credits - Oscraps Collab Comfort, InstAddicted from The Hidden Heart

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