Friday, December 14, 2012

December Daily - the 8th, 9th & Last

While I have really enjoyed the daily documenting of December, especially using the wonderful 12 Days of Christmas templates by Jen Maddocks, I've decided to return to the weekly format for this week.  Quite honestly, there is not that much interesting stuff going on to warrant a full page spread and story every day.  Perhaps I'll change my mind as Christmas preparations resume.

On the 8th, I came home to find the neighbors, Ding and Marie, wrapping the redwood tree with lights and hanging giant ball ornaments from strung lights.  I love the way this looks, and as the tree separates out properties, it looks like a continuation of our decorations.

December 8
Additional credits: Jen Maddocks O Christmas Tree Cards, Autumn Journal (journal spot), Ode to Joy (bokeh and cedar tree), Sue Cummings 52 Inspirations Christmas Bundle (ball ornaments recolored), Anna Aspnes Mini Palette Mint Winter 

For the 9th, I used pictures sent by Mr. AC from Disney World.  This was their first day there and they attended Mickey's Christmas party, which I remember well and fondly from last year.
December 9 
Credits: Jen Maddocks 12 Days of Christmas Templates, Snow on Cedars paper, O Christmas Trees, Disney stuff from Kellybell Designs (Facebook Freebie)

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