Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Crafting Part 3

After watching an episode of Craft Wars (which is pretty dumb and not really worth watching), I got this idea to create a cork wreath.  We've been saving corks for many many years.

Basic supplies - styrofoam wreath form from Michaels, burlap left over from my new runners and placements, glue gun, corks.

Cork Wreath WIP1 

I wrapped the wreath form with strips of burlap, placing one long strip for hanging. This was almost pretty enough to stop here.
 Cork Wreath WIP2 

Now I am playing with the placement of corks. The project was delayed because the larger supply of corks was up on a shelf in the garage, but it is now down and the cork supply sufficient. But, it needs to warm up before I go out to the crafting garage to work. Stay tuned!
 Cork Wreath WIP3

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