Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Crafting Part 1

My goal is to become known as Crafty Olde Aunt Diane...I especially love having new people to craft for, those who have not yet been overly subjected to my Christmas craftiness.

This year's projects include:

Scarves made with Red Heart's Team Spirit yarn.  This is a really cool acrylic yard with regular striping.  It took me quite a few tries to figure out the number of stitches needed to get a regular repeat.  I checked out several free patterns but no one had it quite right.  I sometimes had to adjust the number of stitches in the rows to get it to come out, but it did come out correct in the end.

The burgundy and gold was perfect for making a Gryffindor scarf for someone's trip to Harry Potter World.


It took the entire skein to get a scarf long enough, then I added burgundy-only fringe using Red Heart Soft, which is super soft and matches perfectly.
 Gryffindor Scarf 

And here is the happy recipient :-)
 Molly with Scarf

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