Monday, December 31, 2012

Look at this Instagram

Look at this Instagram
Eggs benedict, side of ham
Started out as a lemon tart
Them my phone went and made it art

And these are my fingernails
The beauty is in the details
Drinking mai-tais on a cruise
just a coincidence it's also boobs

Everyone look at my feet
Get jealous that I'm at the beach
Probably knew I was going there
You saw my plan wing in the air

Are you bored of city lights
Try seeing them in black & white
Putting glasses on my cat,
I'm the first one to think of that
oh oh oh He thinks he's people

Every time I take photo of an old door
Every sign out in front of an abandoned store
It's such a thrill to add a filter
Lo-Fi, Lo-Fi

Every time a thing reminds me of a penis
Every fortune cookie fortune that I've ever seen
Is on my feed and guaranteed
Five likes, five likes

Look at this coffee foam
Look at this pretentious tome,
Now look at this garden gnome
I'm friggin' Michelangelo

Fireworks in the sky
A super close up of my eye
Now a selfie lookin' cute
in the same room where I poop

Sometimes I just want to browse
A hundred thousand pics of clouds
Hang on, I gotta get this duck
Hold still, g*d*it, f*
oh no no, it's all blurry

Well you haven't really seen a setting sun
Till you've seen it on the screen where you play temple run
I'm so hellbent on documenting,
peach pie, peach pie

Think it's bad now, wait until I'm 33
So many pictures of my kids you'll want to murder me
Missed their first steps cause I'm obsessed with red-eye, red-eye

And so it is that I highlight December in InstaGram, with Simply Kelly's new InstaWeek templates.
Additional credits - Oscraps Collab Comfort, InstAddicted from The Hidden Heart

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Versailles, Fireworks and the Conservatory

What do Versailles, Fireworks and the Conservatory of Flowers all have in common?

Gold and beauty! Showcased here in a couple of pages with Maya de Groot's new Fireworks kit and Paint & Glitter Clusters.

This picture of Versailles is from August of 2005, part of my intention to scrap and print older travel pictures, perfect with all the gold from the kit.


These pics, from the Conservatory of Flowers, are fresh off the camera from this weekend.  This page has the addition of Lace Doily Papers. Conservatory Christmas

All available at Oscraps.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Jungfrau Frost

A new kit from Jen Maddocks Designs, Jack Frost, had me stumped.  Full of lovely frostiness, but I just don't have any cold and frosty pictures, and that's a good thing!

But there are those spotty projects in which I am determined to scrap and print pictures from pre-scrapping days, like those from our forays into the Alps, here standing on the Jungfrau in September of 2008.

 Jungfrau Frost 

Available at Oscraps.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Cork Wreath

I first saw cork wreathes on Pinterest, and decided that since we have quite a collection of corks, I needed to make my own.

First I needed to find a styrofoam wreath form, which took a little longer than I expected, with no large forms available at JoAnns.  I found a 16" form at Michaels, then covered it in strips of burlap left over from my table runners and placemats.  This was almost cute enough to leave as is.  And oh caution...the burlap is so loosely woven that it is hard to glue it in place without burning yourself like a million times.

Cork Wreath WIP1 IMG_2076

The next step took a long time, trying to decide how to arrange the corks. I was torn between a more symmetrical arrangement and something more random.
 Cork Wreath WIP3

 In the end I decided on a mixed approach, using a set of plastic corks for the inner ring, giving a good base to built on, then a set of champagne corks to start to build out, a set of wine-stained corks for the outer ring, and some randomness in between.   I LOVE the way it looks!
Cork Wreath 

 It is hanging on the door, but unfortunately needs something else at this point, maybe some cascading leaves, a project for another day.
 Cork Wreath on Door

Monday, December 24, 2012

The Dining Room Drapes

I think it was last year that I had the dining room remodeled, or was it 2010??  Regardless, it was this year, 2012, in which the dining room drapes finally are done.

It took a long time to settle on a fabric.  One of the problems is that the blue paint is not exactly the blue color that I wanted, and so I was having a hard time matching it.  Then sales would come and go and I wouldn't act.  Finally, I was determined to take advtange of a 25% off sale at Calico Corners.

I brought home several swatches and finally decided on this rich blue toile.

Blue Toile

Of course it had to be a toile.  I was especially compelled once I had completed the toile panels for the side of the front door.
 Toile Door Panels 

The biggest challenge was designing something to fit the existing hardware, intended for pinch-pleated drapes which I was determined not to make (too hard!). I decided simple tab-top panels would be best, the tabs able to wrap around the pole once the pinch-pleat hardware was removed, which, fortunately, was not a huge problem. Then there was the taking down of the existing drapes, removing their linings for reuse, washing everything, cutting, sewing, making a huge cutting mistake that almost ended in disaster but fortunately was recoverable...ah, adventures in sewing! Four full-width panels turned out to be even fuller than I expected and look so lovely!
 Drapes Closed 

And some quickly made tie-backs completes the picture.  The room was ready for Christmas Eve dinner and looks warm and beautiful, especially with the morning sun shining through.  Another successful artsy-craftsy project!
Drapes Open Drapes Morning

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Week 51

In which it rained, presents arrived from the AC-Younger-Brother, fresh granola was made, cookies were baked, socks were knitted, and a large Gees-Bend-Style quilt was made in a day
 Week 51
Credits: Anna Aspnes FotoInspired Layout No 49, Warm Glows No 1, Magic Sprinklez No 1 & 2, ArtPlay Palette Socialize Bonus, Maya de Groot Zen & the Art of Steam Machines, Raindrops also from Maya de Groot, Boutique Cute Doll Handmade, Christina Renee Color Theory Gold

Friday, December 21, 2012


Poppies is the latest collection from Jen Maddocks Designs.  I dug back into pictures from our trip to Provence in May of 2007, where the poppies were abundantly in bloom.  The lovely french word...coquelicot!

Lourmarin Poppies

Lourmarin Poppies 2

Provence Poppies

Provence Poppies 2

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Week 50

In which Mr AC traveled to Disney World for the family trip, the leaves turned, my Jaguar Jane reached 50,000 miles, the last rose of the season bloomed beautifully, and we did some Christmas crafting.

 Week 50
Credits:Anna Aspnes FotoInspired Layout No 49, Warm Glows No 1, Magic Sprinklez No 1 & 2, ArtPlay Palette Socialize Bonus, Leaves from Fotoinspired Layout No 44, Maya de Groot Zen & the Art of Steam Machines

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Crafting Part 5

This was a big project, Ms AC's project actually, to make a Gees-Bend-style quilt.  The fabric is cut from clothing and household linens purchased at thrift stores.

It took a solid night of sewing, but we finished it in an evening, and I think it looks quite authentic.   It is more burgundy than pink...more pics to come.
Gees Bend Quilt

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Crafting Part 4

I wimped out on Christmas presents this year.  It is still hard to get into the Christmas spirit, thinking about Dad, and Mom alone.

And so for the kiddos I opted for the much-appreciated check.  But I didn't want to just throw a bunch of checks in an envelope, after all, I am Crafty Olde Aunt Diane.

And so I got out the stamps and glitter and had a good time with vellum envelopes, stamps, ink, Stickles and floss.

Christmas Envelopes

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Crafting Part 3

After watching an episode of Craft Wars (which is pretty dumb and not really worth watching), I got this idea to create a cork wreath.  We've been saving corks for many many years.

Basic supplies - styrofoam wreath form from Michaels, burlap left over from my new runners and placements, glue gun, corks.

Cork Wreath WIP1 

I wrapped the wreath form with strips of burlap, placing one long strip for hanging. This was almost pretty enough to stop here.
 Cork Wreath WIP2 

Now I am playing with the placement of corks. The project was delayed because the larger supply of corks was up on a shelf in the garage, but it is now down and the cork supply sufficient. But, it needs to warm up before I go out to the crafting garage to work. Stay tuned!
 Cork Wreath WIP3

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Crafting Part 2

Another project with Red Heart's Team Spirit yarn, this time in San Francisco Giants colors.


I made both a scarf and a hat, but somehow forgot to take a picture of the hat. SF Giant Scarf

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Crafting Part 1

My goal is to become known as Crafty Olde Aunt Diane...I especially love having new people to craft for, those who have not yet been overly subjected to my Christmas craftiness.

This year's projects include:

Scarves made with Red Heart's Team Spirit yarn.  This is a really cool acrylic yard with regular striping.  It took me quite a few tries to figure out the number of stitches needed to get a regular repeat.  I checked out several free patterns but no one had it quite right.  I sometimes had to adjust the number of stitches in the rows to get it to come out, but it did come out correct in the end.

The burgundy and gold was perfect for making a Gryffindor scarf for someone's trip to Harry Potter World.


It took the entire skein to get a scarf long enough, then I added burgundy-only fringe using Red Heart Soft, which is super soft and matches perfectly.
 Gryffindor Scarf 

And here is the happy recipient :-)
 Molly with Scarf

Friday, December 14, 2012

December Daily - the 8th, 9th & Last

While I have really enjoyed the daily documenting of December, especially using the wonderful 12 Days of Christmas templates by Jen Maddocks, I've decided to return to the weekly format for this week.  Quite honestly, there is not that much interesting stuff going on to warrant a full page spread and story every day.  Perhaps I'll change my mind as Christmas preparations resume.

On the 8th, I came home to find the neighbors, Ding and Marie, wrapping the redwood tree with lights and hanging giant ball ornaments from strung lights.  I love the way this looks, and as the tree separates out properties, it looks like a continuation of our decorations.

December 8
Additional credits: Jen Maddocks O Christmas Tree Cards, Autumn Journal (journal spot), Ode to Joy (bokeh and cedar tree), Sue Cummings 52 Inspirations Christmas Bundle (ball ornaments recolored), Anna Aspnes Mini Palette Mint Winter 

For the 9th, I used pictures sent by Mr. AC from Disney World.  This was their first day there and they attended Mickey's Christmas party, which I remember well and fondly from last year.
December 9 
Credits: Jen Maddocks 12 Days of Christmas Templates, Snow on Cedars paper, O Christmas Trees, Disney stuff from Kellybell Designs (Facebook Freebie)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

December Daily - the 7th

Natalie's birthday and the annual Sip 'n' Shop at the club. The club lobby was decorated as an old mill snow scene this year, complete with frozen stream and rabbits, quite cute and creative.
This is another of Jen Maddocks 12 Days of Christmas templates.

 December 7

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Daily - the 6th

Continuing with December Daily, at least for now, here is the 6th day using Jen Maddocks 12 Days of Christmas templates.  I always like it when the Christmas coffee mugs come out.  They were given to us as a Christmas present a number of years ago, and miraculously we still have two whole mugs.  My fabric arrived for the dining room drapes...15 yards of beautiful deep blue toile...let the sewing begin.  And I spotted these big pomegranates on the bare trees at the club, looking like nature's Christmas ornaments.

 December 6

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The other night we spent a long time talking about cookies.  Might seem like a funny topic to spend time on, but it was not just about how we like cookies, and we each do indeed like cookies, but a discussion of cookie traditions in our families, replete with plenty of reminisce.

We decided that although neither of us has any room for cookies in our diet, we would make cookies for Christmas.  Even if we give them away.  Well, I might give my share away, I don't know about anyone else.  So Mr. AC dug out his favorite cookie recipes, which was the perfect segway into this layout using Cookie Baby Alpha from Lifescapes Designs.

Makes me hungry just looking at it!

Additional credits: Sue Cummings 52 Inspirations Christmas Bundle, Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Sweet Christmas.

Monday, December 10, 2012

December Daily's

Written for the Oscraps blog today. 

I have to confess, until recently, I had never heard of the concept of "December Daily".
A few questions and a google search tells me the idea is to capture a daily photo during the busy month of December, perhaps to scrap that photo along with others taken that day, capturing traditions, activities and life in preparation for the holidays, however you might celebrate them. So I decided to take a look around the gallery to see who is doing "December Daily" and what they are doing with it. And oh yes, always up for a challenge, I decided to give it a go myself. 

I am just in love with the December Daily's done by member Tanderson. I like her standard page format, how she gets lots of pictures onto the page, and always includes a story of what is going on that day, usually a story times 3 as she relates the experiences of each of her children. Oh and that glitter alpha (from Anna Aspnes) die for! 

A slightly different approach from svandergaegen, with a single picture each day and a bit of captioning, but enough of a glimpse into what is going on. Oh and, now I am hungry! 

Just to prove that December Daily is not limited to the cold winter of the northern hemisphere, here is a warm and sunny daily page from Janey1949. How cute is that little boy, and love the triple photo layout.
Designer Jen Maddocks is not only doing December Daily, she has provided a set of templates for the month! And they are awesome! I was hard-pressed to pick a favorite, but I love this layout for the little glimpses of life plus a special day for a certain young lady.  

 It doesn't need to be elaborate...just a picture, a thought, a little journaling will be enough to jog the future memories. That's the approach being taken by Cheery-O Madi using the Documenting December journaling cards by Maya de Groot.

Another busy designer doing December Daily via the Holiday Template Pack is Anna Aspnes, with this page that just makes me smile. This is the kind of page that will be read over and over and will bring back a very specific memory. Also makes me wish I had an Elf on the Shelf.

I can't make up my mind between full pages and simple journal cards, so I am trying both. But please don't hold me to 62 pages in December!! This first is using Jen Maddocks 12 Days of Christmas Templates.

And this next is using Maya de Groot's Documenting December Cards.

Here are some additional products for documenting December.
From Pink Poppy Press and Anita Designs, a set of daily templates.  
From Sue Cummings, more templates. Templates are the best way to get December documented quickly and easily.
From Kitty Designs, a template to document the tale of every day of December.

What about you? Are you documenting December? The month is yet young! Whether you do one or 31 pages, here is wishing you all the very best of the holiday season. Be sure to take some time to scrap!