Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vintage Christmas 2

The next in my series of vintage Christmas photos with Jen Maddocks O Christmas Tree.  
Not only do I love the pictures, but seeing all the vintage items in them.  Only then they were not vintage items, they were current items :-)

Check out that TV, and the telephone!  I clearly remember the telephone, a giant black console with a rotary dial.  I even remember the phone number, Humbold 4-6626.  I don't remember any such thing as area codes.  I used to love to play with the rotary, sticking my little fingers in the holes, rotating it, then listening to the sound of it rotating back.

It also looks like we had a real Christmas tree.  There is a vague memory of Dad pulling up the steep driveway with a tree tied to the top of the big black Chrysler.  In later years we changed to an artificial silver tree (which I loved, and oh the 4-color bulb projector thing that made it change colors...I could watch it for hours on end) under the belief that we were allergic to real trees, which did in fact appear to have some basis in reality. Mom still has that manger set.  I remember we would put a tissue over baby Jesus until Christmas day, when it could be removed to celebrate his birth.

Vintage Christmas 2

In addition to the wonderful papers and elements, this set of kits includes the most amazing 'glos', which do in fact make the pages glo! 

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