Saturday, November 24, 2012

Runner-ing Around

I've had the fabric for about 2 years, maybe 3.  It was purchased at the beginning of the burlap craze, which may or may not be over, I am not sure, isolated as I am in La La Land, aka Silver Creek.  Shortly after buying the French over-printed burlap fabric at JoAnns, we moved.  Then I saw a really cute runner arrangement of random doilies, which I liked and have used on the dining room table for several years.  But it was time to get out the burlap.

I googled and read through several tutorials on making runners, and compiled this set of tips:
  • I prewashed the fabirc, by hand, fluffed it in the dryer, and steam pressed the heck out of it.  This softened it a bit.
  • I decided on my width, then pulled out a thread/fiber along the width to provide a straight cutting line.
  • I decided not to hem, as I don't think the hems would lie flat enough, no matter how much they were steamed.
  • I pulled fibers off the ends to make strings, then tied them in knots for nice ending tassels.
  • I zig-zag stitched along the long edges to prevent unintentional fraying.
  • I did a lot of this work outside, so all the flying burlap fibers stayed out there.
I love the result, simple burlap runners for my dining room table and living room pillar base. 
Runner 1 Runner 2

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