Monday, November 5, 2012

More Leaves and a Castle

Looking back, this will be my 'leaf period', but as mentioned, the colors are just so vibrant and exciting, and different colors and shades from what I am used to here at home, where we tend to see more yellow and some red, but not this violent orange.

This is the Baptist church on the corner of Bloomfield and Broad.  I don't recall ever thinking it looked like a castle, how could I have missed this?  It was not lost on me as I took my long refreshing walks, away from the phone calls and the paper work and the sadness that still shrouds my heart.

Scrapped with one of the wonderful Artisan Favorite Templates 2 from Jen Maddocks.

Leaf Swirls 
All from Jen Maddocks - Artisan Favorite Templates 2, Blink, Light in the Trees, Enchanted, Give Me Space

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