Thursday, November 15, 2012

Making a Splash

Every morning at 9 am, the pool filter comes on to circulate the water between the pool and the spa. The water runs along the faux-stream from the higher spa down to the lower pool, leaving about a half inch of water in the stream.  Well, the birds in the area think this is just grand, fresh moving water for drinking and bathing!

It's not unusual to have 20-30 birds at a time...see them all on the fence in the picture...then they will take turns flying down to the stream for a drink or a bath, and flitting about between the stream, the roof, the fence and the rose-of-sharon tree.  What's funny is that they are different birds, finches and sparrows and bluebirds all at once.   Sometimes there will even be a half-dozen or so crows, though not at all at the same times as the little birds.

The perfect kit for capturing this...Little Birdie Told Me notions set from Dido Designs, available at Oscraps.

Birdie Splash

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