Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Meet is This Way

I have to admit, it was rather exciting to be among the group with the opportunity to take pictures of the train.  Well, except for all the grouchy old men who would club you with their canes if you got in the way of their cameras.  It struck me that almost no one wanted their pictures with the train...purists I guess.  When our train was put on the siding to allow the "express" train to pass, this "meet" drive-by was like a holy grail for train photographers.  It was pretty cool!

Despite the looks, this was a really simple layout to make.  I placed the photo behind Jen Maddocks This Way Mask, which is a grungy nearly full-page mask, then I tool my most vibrant aspen leaf picture and clipped it to the mask five or six times.  Background paper, frames, alphas and a few glows, journal and done!

The Meet 
Additional credits - Jen Maddocks Hallows Eve (alpha) and Amethist Lane (alpha), Jen Maddocks Tooth Fairy (flares and glows), Oscraps collab Tango (frames)

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