Monday, October 29, 2012

Barbary Lane Part 1

I am so happy to be back home!  And for the perfect uplift to my spirit, I spent Friday night and Saturday with Ms AC in San Francisco.

Walking around and observing is the perfect food for my soul!

On Saturday, with a little over an hour on my hands, and finding myself in the vicinity of Russian Hill, I decided to go out in search of Barbary Lane.  It started when I walked along Polk to Broadway, looked up and saw the Broadway tunnel, and remembered Beauchamp Day's untimely demise in the tunnel (remember, he was quite the scumbag).  It took some google searches, because it is not really called Barbary Lane, but there is the very real Macondray Lane upon which Armistead Maupin's fictional and legendary lane is based.

After a trudge up the hill, then back down again, I found it!  And it was all it is cracked up to be!  A magical place!  The view of Alcatraz in the bay is just as described.  The stairs are to Taylor, not Leavenworth, but are wooden, not the threatened concrete replacements.  Did Mrs. Madrigal win her battle with the city, or was that a fictional battle?

The isolation from the rest of the world seems complete.  It was like entering a private little forest, hidden from everyday view.  Along the way, fountains bubbled, flowers bloomed, it was cool and misty (and a bit slippery on the cobblestones at the end), the houses seemed surreal.

Scrapped with new kits from Maya de Groot, Backpackers Set 7 and Triple Play Templates Set 5.

Barbary Lane 1

Potato Flower

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