Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Halycon Pond Lily

We got to the house a little too early, and Mom didn't answer the door.  So I took a walk down to the pond.  The pond has been there since my childhood, but it looked different then, a little more shabby, a little more dangerous without the wall on the side.

I think there were pond lilies back then, but I am not sure.  Certainly the fountain was different.  Was there a fountain?  Now I am not sure.  I think so, but not as pretty.  And certainly I don't remember the pond being filled from a pump or hydrant near the edge.

Seeing me taking pictures of the pond and the water lilies, a bored but friendly town worker came over to talk.

It was such a beautiful morning. The humudity was low, the sky was blue, and the pond and lilies looked so pretty.

This was the day of Dad's funeral.

Water Lily

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