Friday, September 21, 2012

Crafty French Coffee Table

I've been working on this coffee table makeover too long, what with unanticipated interruptions, a slowed mojo, and general 'not-sure-what-I-am-doing-ness'.

But alas I am calling it done.
Table Done

History - Mr. AC's coffee table from another era, basic oakish wood, terribly worn, no ornamentation to give it any redeeming qualities, and therefore the perfect candidate for a painted makeover.

The basic steps:
  • sand
  • prime
  • paint with the same yellow I used on the hutch
  • antique with the same glaze I used on the hutch
  • add alternating glazed diamonds (these were a pain!)
  • add French postcard stickers (ach, made a mistake on this step)
  • stamp with permanent ink (ach, which proved to not be permanent)
  • glaze fleur-de-lis on the legs (another mistake!)
  • try to recover from the smeared ink with sanding, reinking, spraying with polyurethane
  • sand the glazed fleur-de-lis and redo them in ink, with polyurethane to seal
  • add some mod podge over the stickers (ugh, should have done mod podge under AND over)
  • more polyurethane, more mod podge, more ink, repeat
  • several final coats of satin finish
  • done!

Table Primed Table Painted  Table w Diamonds Table Done Closeup Table Side View

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