Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to School

We are having a fun Back-to-School Scrap-O-Thon at Oscraps, with plenty of challenges and prizes.

I have already shown my Book Cover challenge, now for a few others.

First off, there is the avatar challenge.  Another one of those funny timing coincidences.  Before we left for NJ, I pulled out my college yearbook and scanned my picture.  I was going to use that for my avatar, but then I never got to it.

One of the more fun things about the trip to NJ was discovering old pictures, unearthed as the family collected pictures for a video tribute to Dad.  The video got messed up with the wrong pictures, but that's another story, perhaps best left untold.

Anyway, I came across this picture of my in what was probably first grade at St. Anthony's school in Belleville NJ, the same church where we had Dad's memorial mass.

Every time I look at it, it makes me laugh!

ScrapoThon Avatar

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