Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tons of Templates from Simply Kelly

Tons of templates from Simply Kelly Designs, all put to perfect use finishing up the pictures from Ocean City.

First, Torn Template Set.  I don't know how these tears are created, but I do love them, looking so real and dimensional.  Also love the stacking on these templates, the location and shape of the text paths.  In fact, I think this makes a perfect cover for my Ocean City book.

Ocean City Torn 1

And the next Torn Template, perfect for a back cover.
Ocean City Torn 2

Next, 9 Photo Template No 2. I like this combination of a large photo and a set of small, perfect for telling a story, this one the story of Molly and her kites.

Molly Ocean City Kite 600

And finally, Curved Template. Because I had a perfect set of photos, I turned these 90 degrees.I like the way it looks like a film reel.

Ocean City Rides 2

Ocean City Rides 1

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