Sunday, July 22, 2012

Half Moon Bay

We headed up to Half Moon Bay to play golf and have dinner with the AC's advisor, the car packed with not only clubs but extra clothes, with a forecast of low 60's and drizzle, not at all unusual for the Northern California coast in the summer time.

When we got there around lunch time, it was chilly, but the clouds seemed to be sparse and breaking up.

Well, long story short, it turned out to be the most glorious sunny day!  The golf course personnel claimed it was the best day of the year in Half Moon Bay.

I might have to agree!

A couple of quick pages created to showcase Maya de Groot's new Triple Play templates. 

This first is of the Ritz-Carlton hotel on the bluff.  Also uses Maya de Groot's Travel Notes, Mermaids and Travels Treasure Box.

Half Moon Bay 1

And a quick shot of the sunset through the window at the Ritz as we were having dinner.  Also uses Maya de Groot's Backpackers Set 3, Not So Basic Blacks [ link ], Fright Night, Cheerio and Contrast [ link ]

Half Moon Bay 2

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