Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I saw a cute crocheted doll on Pinterest and decided that would make a fun project to make for Lily.  I love crocheting with cotton thread, and even managed to find the ball of thread in the messy craft room closet.

Here is Dolly in progress, leaving the hardest part, the hair, for last.  I used up all the neutral cotton thread for the head and body, so used the variegated yellow and white for the legs.  Turns out yellow is Lily's favorite color so she liked the legs the best!

Dolly WIP
 And here she is with hair and a face, ready to go.

She had a detour in a bathroom at BWI Airport for a while, and it was touch and go as far as whether she would make it to Ocean City.  But the nice men of the Maryland transportation police came through, and she made it to her recipient, who promptly placed her in the boat under the coffee table :-)

Lily & Dolly

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  1. Cute dolly and very cute lil Girl :) I think I want to learn how to crochet too! Will need to make time