Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One Kit Five Ways - Ghiradelli Square

For a fun little exercise among the Oscraps blog team, we chose one kit and each scrapped with it, as a challenge, to show our styles, to show the versatility of kits, to have fun with memories!

The kit chosen is Still Life by One Little Bird. hat struck me about the kit were the neutral colors and the architectural looking patterns, so I chose to do something with building photos.

I like to work in series, especially if I am working on a set of photos from a trip or event. Right now, I am working on the photos from the 75th birthday celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge. Even though the photos are from the same event, I like to mix it up in terms of kits, so I will often work through challenges and CT assignments, using different kits, but progressing through the photos. 

Ghiradelli Square is a preserved historical building in the Fisherman's Wharf area of San Francisco. It is a beautiful building, beautifully preserved and restored, serving as a venue for shops and a fancy hotel, as well as home to a very-popular Ghiradelli chocolate shop. 

I started by blending 4 papers from the kit to get an architectural look I liked, then worked with the largest photo, working through a series of blendings, incorporating additional journaling tags into the blendings for what looks somewhat like a painterly effect. 

The large title is an extraction of another picture showing the lighted sign over the entrance to the courtyard of the building. The third picture, colorized, shows the entrance to the shop, and the dates, 1852-1916. I used some additional circular elements to contrast with the austere lines of the building, some paint splotches for grunge, and a bit of journaling and embellishment to tell the story. 

It's a pretty good representation of my preferred style of filling up every inch of a page, no white-space allowed, lots of blending, large pictures, and most importantly, a captured memory. 

Ghiradelli Square

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