Sunday, June 3, 2012

Golden Gate Bridge - The Fireworks

I went from yesterday's  'I finally got started' to shots of the fireworks in pretty short order.  What can I say?  Fireworks are awesome.  The best effects were the cascades of sparklers off the deck of the Golden Gate bridge, and the double-tower simultaneous explosions.
You can just see the south tower and span of 'international orange' in the bottom photo.

I decided to start with a simple collage of a few of the shots taken by Mr AC.  The cool daisy-like shapes are done with the CS5 dynamic azalea brush.

Golden Gate Bridge Fireworks 
Credits:Anna Aspnes FotoBlendz No 5, Anna Aspnes Original ArtPlay No 1, scribbled circles from Anna Sampler No 2

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  1. How beautiful, that turned out really well!