Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Challenge, A Story, A Freebie

Written for the Oscraps blog: 

Today I started out to remind you of all our monthly challenges, but two things happened:
  1. I thought we might have already written a post summarizing the June challenges...we didn't, so we owe you, or go here.
  2. I started looking at the challenges in order, starting with the Web Inspiration challenge, and was stopped in my tracks
Last month I wrote a post about Pages that Tug at the Heart. Well, hold on to your heartstrings as you take a look at what Oscraps members have been doing with this challenge. First off, here is the challenge photo, an ad from Athleta, whose company slogan is "Power to the She". Now, this image and ad has particular meaning to me, but I will save that for later.  
This theme and challenge has resonated so strongly with so many of our members. Here are a couple of Cheery-O pages, first one from Trudy, who writes to her strong and powerful daughter. I've read this several times and still tear up every time I do. 
From Laurie, who journals about the power of positive and negative thinking, and by looking carefully at the pictures, we see that this journaling is very personal.   
And from Chris, who in a little role reversal expresses not only love for her beautiful daughter, but also calls her 'her inspiration'. Yes, we can identify with this, a powerful "she' feeling!  
As I was planning my approach to this challenge, I came across this image, several teenage girls, addressing the issues of body and bullying. I was so touched and moved by this image and the efforts of these girls to overcome stereotyping and bullying, that I incorporated it into a simple page to reinforce the message:
And on to our member pages. Scrap-genie reminds us that strength is not just physical, in this loving tribute to her sister:
Our hearts go out to alegna as we read this stream-of -consciousness story of her baby's survival, a tribute to power.
I can hardly express the awe at the power of this woman, paid tribute to by kentrabay in this page about her aunt.
And for one of the most moving stories I have read, I invite you to read the journaling in this page by shinta, who has shared an incredible story of power and grace.  
 Even though we cannot read the story, we can identify with the heartbreak but strength expressed in SharLamb's page:
OK, tissues away, we are done with the heart-string tugging! But not with the stories! How is this for a daughter is an assistant designer for Athleta. This is purely coincidence. Chris had no idea when she chose the inspiration. I knew this ad well, because it is on the front of the catalog that is sitting on my desk right now. So for some fun connection, I asked DD to take some pictures of her office, which is in Petaluma California, just a bit north of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. I wanted her in all of them, but I only got one with her in it. No matter, that works. I put together this collage of my powerful young lady, of whom I am very proud.  

 Now for those of you who have stuck with me, a little something for you. I put together a FREEBIE of Power to the She word art that you can download. Just click the preview to go to the download. Would love to see this in your layouts!

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