Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week 17

In which I photographed lots of flowers in different places, and met an old kitty.

On the morning of Tuesday the 24th, I looked out the back window to find a kitty in the back yard. He looked pretty old and feeble, and was apparently thirsty, as he was drinking from the sprinkler puddles then took a drink from the pool, as I held my breath, wondering how I was going to fish him out if he fell in. He wandered behind the spa and sat down, and didn’t seem afraid when I went out there, but I didn’t want to frighten him. I worried about him, but needed to go off . Later in the afternoon, I saw a boy walking behind the yard, and he reached in and pulled out the kitty, who had spent the day there. His name is Mo, short for Mocha, is 16 years old, and apparently wandered off for his last hurrah. I hope Mo rests in peace, and feel honored that he chose my yard as a peaceful place to rest.

Week 17 
 Credits: Anna Aspnes FotoInspired Layout No 11, Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Crazy Life, Anna Aspnes Warm Glows No 1

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