Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Venice Revisited

I read something, been a couple of months now, that really stuck with me.  I think it was a photographer, and I cannot remember the exact context, but the message was, if you don't print your photos, some day they may be lost.

This is quite an important message in this digital photography era, in which thousands of photos are taken each year, then, as technology changes, do we make sure we preserve these photos?  
I remember in the early days of digital, when you sent the film away for processing, the photos came back with a diskette.  Who has a diskette reader anymore??  Fortunately, these pictures are printed.

And so, I am trying to make a better effort toward printing my pictures, so as not to lose precious memories.

Thus I used a free Shutterfly book (thank you, Kelly!!) to print just some of the pictures from our trip to Venice in 2009.  Not too much fussy, not a digital scrapbook, just making sure the pictures are printed

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