Saturday, May 26, 2012

Skipping Stones

There is no doubt in my mind, memories are made stronger and more poignant via scrapping.  Reviewing pictures, cataloging and indexing pictures, archiving pictures, choosing pictures to use on scrapbook pages...all contribute to cementing the memories more firmly in the mind.

This week's Ann Lift was a very pretty page about skipping stones, des ricochets.  But it was two small pictures on a very white background.  I don't so this style, but I do French skipping stones!

The subject reminded me of our visit to the canal St Martin in northeastern Paris when I visited Ms AC there in March of 2009.  I so wanted to be able to stand out on the locks and skip stones for the camera, but it was not accessible.  But still I was able to get pictures of the canal and locks.
AnnaLift 0531 Canal St Martin

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  1. You are definitely correct about scrapbooking making memories stronger... That is why I like scrapbooking events soon after they happen so I can experience the emotions again.