Thursday, May 3, 2012

The House at Ortley Beach

Created for the May journaling challenge at Oscraps, the challenge was to scrap a childhood memory.

 This is the best one I have.

The page was easy...the challenge was to find the picture. I remembered that the picture was there on my sewing table before we moved, where I could see it all the time. So I headed to the new sewing room, poked around a bit, and found it on the bookshelf. Sounds easy, but that was quite an accomplishment.

Turns out it also is in the digital photo archives, since this picture was taken in 2003 when we revisited the house after out trip to Atlantic City. But still, I was pleased to find the print and scan it, which gave it a grainier look.

More and more I find my favorite scrap pages are a single large photo with embellishment.  In this case, the story is the main embellishment, which reads...
So many happy memories, the most poignant of all childhood memories, are contained in this tiny house in Ortley Beach New Jersey. This is where I learned to love the beach, not just the sand by the ocean, but the long hot streets leading to the ocean, the smooth-pebbled lawn, the knotty pine walls, the constant feel of sand under your feet, no matter how much mom swept out the sand, it was always there, the smell of musty dampness.
How did we fit in this tiny house, how does it hold so many memories, how did it generate so much happiness?
This was the sixties. Bob Dylan was playing on my portable radio, I had my tricycle that I rode around the tiny yard, there was a turned-over boat in the yard, interesting yet scary, for who knew what lurked beneath it.
Many years later, I returned to Ortley Beach to find this house, this house of happy childhood memories, and there it was, looking much like it did back in the 60’s, the bushes perhaps new, perhaps a few new coats of paint having been applied over the years, but the same house, just as precious as ever.
Ortley May Journal
Credits: Anna Aspnes ArtPlay Palette Seafoam, Anna Aspnes Double Page MultiPhoto Template No 9, Anna Aspnes Descriptives Word Transfers, Fonts - the Maple Origins, Claudia Jean

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