Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy 75th to the GGB

I went back and forth...I want to go, it will be too much trouble to go, I want to go, it will be expensive to go, I want to go, but it will be hard to take in the daytime activities and the nighttime fireworks.  In the end, we went, and yes it was trouble, and yes it was expensive, and yes it was hard to last all day and all night, but I am so glad we did, for the celebration of the 75th birthday of the Golden Gate Bridge was something special!

There are sure to be tons of scrapping pages about the event to come, but first, how to pick a photo of the day.  Although we didn't go too overboard, there are some 200 odd pictures, mostly of the bridge in some form or another.

This is one of my favorites, not only because I think it is a great shot, but because in all my 25 years of living here, I have never been to this beach before, at the far end of Crissy Field, just before the Warming Hut.  It was beautiful to be standing near the ocean under the Golden Gate Bridge!

GGB from Crissy Field 
But what also made it special was sharing it. This was attempt number 3 at a self-portrait, so my smile has waned a bit, but nice evidence that Mr AC and I were there together.  This was also after about 5 miles of walking, so we were a bit tired as we rested on the wall.  Imagine how we looked after mile 13!

And Ms AC & Sam-I-Am were able to join us for dinner and the fireworks, viewed from Fort Mason Green. The fireworks were so exciting, I forgot my tired feet and was able to walk back to the hotel at Fisherman's Wharf and go out again to Pier 39 for a little dancing before calling it a night!

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