Saturday, May 19, 2012

Got Goats?

Why yes, we do.  450 of them, to be exact.  Yes, it is May and the first herd of goats have arrived to clear the Silver Creek hillsides!

Journaling: It’s May...the rainy season is over, the grasses and weeds stand tall and are rapidly browning, turning the hills the characteristic color of this the ‘Golden State’. This also means fire season, so to keep things come the goats! For the 3rd summer since we have been here in Silver Creek, May marks the arrival of the goats to munch on the hillsides, clear the grasses and weeds, and leave some fertilizer behind. I love watching the goats, each of them with their own ‘voice’, veritable eating machines. And I love that we use goats instead of noisy gas-powered mowers and blowers!


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